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The Influence on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy by Scrap Aluminum

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Tutor: JiangLan
School: Northeastern University
Course: Non-ferrous metallurgy
Keywords: Al-Mg-Si alloy,Scrap aluminum regeneration,Waste doors and windows,Wastehub,Micr
CLC: TG146.21
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Aluminum and aluminum alloy have been an indispensable basic raw materials in the national economy due to its excellent performance and broad applicability. It plays an important role in the national economy and national defense construction. In recent years, owing to the urgent need of the resources, environment and economic development, it has become a consensus for people of the21st century that try to develop a new materials named Eco-materials, which can be zero emissions and zero waste. And it will promote the recycling of resources and materials.Aluminum and aluminum alloy have almost no corrosion in the use due to its excellent performance and it can be an unlimited number of recycling. The energy consumed for each recovery is only taking up5%of the production of primary aluminum. Therefore, it has attracted more and more attention to develop aluminum recycling technology. And many scholars have done much extensive research on the technology for scrap recycling in all aspects.This article focuses on the recyclability of scrap aluminum alloys and the influence on the microstructure and mechanical properties of high-silicon magnesium aluminum extruded profiles by adding different species and different amount of scrap aluminum. And compared the mechanical properties with6063under different heat treatment condition. Experimental results show that:(1) In the casting process of Al-11.5Si-0.65Mg alloy, the performance of extrusion profile, which is casted by adding10%,20%,30%scrap windows and doors and scrap wheels is showing different degrees of increase and decrease, but its performance are all almost superior to the profiles which is casted by the primary aluminum and alloying elements. This shows that scrap aluminum alloy can replace part of the primary aluminum or ZLD102alloy in the production of high silicon aluminum alloy;(2) Compared with the widely used6063alloy in T5state, the tensile strength increased by57.3%, the elongation increased by152.5%. There will be a tremendous economic benefits if it can replace the6063alloy in the industry eventually;(3) By the results of scanning electron microscopy, it shows that the harmful elements in the scrap aluminum alloy can be controlled effectively after a reasonable impurity, and thus can guarantee the quality of the recycled aluminum;(4) After the deformation of the extruded, the tensile fracture surfaces of profile did not change by adding different species and different amount of scrap aluminum. It all are ductile fracture.
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