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The Experimental Investigation on Planting Mechanism of Duckbill Transplanter

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Tutor: MaoPengJun
School: Henan University of Science and Technology
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Tobacoo seedling transplant,scratch mulching film,Planting mechanism,Effective z
CLC: S223.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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As Duckbill transplanter can directly punch and transplant upon mulching film,not easily injuring seedlings, it has become a perfect film transplanting machinebecause of its adjustment of different requirement of pot seedlings. However, whenperforming the film transplanting tasking, the duckbill planting apparatus wouldscratch mulching film easily, thus affecting its application among agriculturalproduction. Several researches are operated in the essay.According to the research combined with agricultural requirement of tobacco,¡°effective zero-speed transplanting¡± theory is initially proposed. By applying thetheory, the problems existing among the common planting mechanism of duckbilltransplanter are thoroughly investigated. The feature and reason of scratchingmulching-film problems is discussed. The statement that ¡°Y¡± type trajectory is theperfect trajectory which not only meets the agricultural requirement but also ensurestransplanting performance and overcome scratching film phenomenon is mentioned forthe first time. Gathering up the structural type of innovative transplanting mechanismand adjusting structural parameter and selecting working speed is the importantapproach to achieving ¡°Y¡± type trajectory.Adopting mechanical selection and innovative designation idea, a new structuralproject is drafted by creatively designing the structure of planting mechanism. Theproject treats five-rod slider transplanting mechanism as the planting mechanism ofduckbill transplanter. Establishing kinematic and mathematic modeling, compiling andcalculating model via MATLAB, the interactive relation of ¡°Y¡± type trajectory ofplanting point and the radius of main crank, the radius of vice-crank, the distanceof rack rod, the phase angle difference of crank, etc. main structural parameter isobtained. What¡¯s more, a group of optimal parameter is selected after optimization.Finally, experimental planting mechanism of adjustable type is developed. Evaluation index and test method is formulated. A performance experiment of reducing andcontrolling mulching film damage is conducted. An experimental project with samemotion parameters and three groups of different structural parameters is designed. Thetest demonstrates that the design of five-rod slide planting mechanism can solve theproblem of scratching mulching film during the transplanting work very well, whichindicates that the plausibility of ¡°effective zero-speed transplanting¡± theory. Thepossibility of scratching mulching firm could be lowest at the condition when meetingeffective zero-speed transplanting. Finally, the experiment also confirms the validityand credibility of the kinematic mathematic model and the simulate result.
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