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Experimental Study on Pulling Mechanism of Tobacco Stem Puller

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Tutor: SunSongLin
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: tobacco stem,stalk puller,pulling mechanism,design,test
CLC: S225.99
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Tobacco stalk pulling mechanism is the core component of the tobacco stalk pulling machine, is very important to the structure design of the rationality of stalk puller field stalk pulling effect. China Southern tobacco region of tobacco stalk harvest largely still used traditional manual removal, time-consuming, labor costs, but also easy to breed tobacco decay virus, planting on the growth of tobacco is bad for the coming year, should be the tobacco stalk with a stump removal of unified collection and processing together. Therefore, there is great value on the tobacco stalk puller for operation Southern tobacco region, to improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce manpower cost. According to the current situation of domestic and foreign research stalk pulling machine, based on the tobacco fields in South China, the design and test of the tobacco stalk pulling mechanism.This study conducted tests on the physical properties of tobacco stalk,physical properties of tobacco stem test, determination of tobacco stalk diameter, pulling force, tensile force, smoke tobacco stalk width of ridge height and other related parameters, provide the reference for the design of dynamic chassis type pulling mechanism; the establishment of a virtual prototype model by using Pro/E software, analysis of the relative position of each structure and the function, has carried on the detailed design structure, including the critical parameters; kinematics and dynamics analysis of the key components of the pulling mechanism, establish the kinematic and dynamic equations and corresponding model; manufacturing using mechanism, preliminary test of the prototype, find out the existing problems and improvement design to solve the problem of the stalk pulling; the prototype improved on univariate and multivariate testing, comprehensive analysis of the influence of various factors on the stalk pulling effect.The research indicated that the whole plant tobacco stalk diameter of about20”«40mm, tobacco stalk pullout force value between250-1840N, not less than2836.456N tensile force of tobacco stems, tobacco stalk crushing force is not less than1793.46N; when the clamping chain horizontal velocity equal to the speed of walking wheel, to set stalk pulling operation; pulling mechanism front lifting supporting wheel with caster form conducive to machine operation; the stalk pulling machine prototype of the single factor experiment, the test results show that the best solution of the influencing factors of tobacco stalk pulling mechanism stalk pulling operation for clamping chain set spacing between10”«15mm, select the angle adjustment of44”攫50”ć, wheel speed should be controlled at around18.2r/min; multi-factor orthogonal test showed that the primary and secondary factors affecting the stalk pulling effect for B (select the view), A (clamping chain spacing), C (wheel speed), combination test optimization scheme for A1B2C2that is, clamping chain spacing of10mm, select the angle of47”ć, wheel speed18.2r/min, stalk pulling effect of stalk pulling mechanism smoke best.
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