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Research of2BQ-12Airflow First-order Centralized Metering Seeder

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Tutor: ZhangXiaoHui
School: Shandong Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Airflow first-order,Planter,Performance test,Intelligent control system,Pneumati
CLC: S223.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of science and technology, modern agriculture machinery forplanting requirements are: increased operating width, improving the operating speed,developing variable seeding, promotion precision seeding technology. But our existing plantermulti-form "one line". Small tractor planter hold a dominant position. Therefore, planterdirection of development is: increased operating width and the speed.The core working parts of this seeder are focus on quantitative delivery of system andfirst-order distribution system. Quantitative concentration sending systems have a largeadjustment range, meeting the requirements of large seed sowing delivering. The machine¡¯sstructure is simple and compact. Rack can be expanded and collapsed by hydraulicmechanism. The machine has a small transport dimensions, meeting the requirements of wideoperations. Airflow first-order distribution system has the following advantages: no strictingrequirements of seeds¡¯ dimensions, little hurting species, common better, ect. That can meetthe requirements of high-speed operation. Whole working process is: intelligent controlsystem controlling the quantitative concentration sending systems accurate delivering seeder,using gas flow as the carrier, through the distributor complete the radial distribution of seed,completing wide and high-speed seeding operations.In this paper, the study includes: determining the overall program of2BQ-12airflowfirst-order centralized metering seeder which includes the design of seed box, rack, focus onquantitative delivery of system, first-order distribution system, power transmission systems,intelligent control system and seeding monomer; using AutoCAD drew two-dimensionaldrawings; using Pro/E completed prototype virtual design and assembly, utilize finite elementanalysis software Pro/MECHANIC completed stress and strain analysis for the motor bracket;by comparing the analysis result optimizing the design to increase the structural reliability;using CFD software FLUENT simulated the flow field of pressurized tubes and distributorand improved the design; designed centralized quantitative delivery system and intelligentcontrol system which was sowing adjustment range, sowing accurate adjustment and easy tooperate, meeting the requirements of the precise seeding and variable seeding. Based on thetheoretical analysis, completed the trial production and prototype machining machineperformance test. The test results are as follows:Wheat seed germination rate of collision tests showed that in air transport speeds50 m/s, the wheat germination rate was98.5%, meeting the national standard. So we can use50m/s airflow conveying speed. The wheat seeds breakage test result was0.35%<0.5%, meetingthe national standard. The coefficient of variation of total displacement stability test was0.92%<1.3%, meeting the national standard. The coefficient of variation of consistency ofeach line displacement was3.22%<3.5%, meeting the national standard. The coefficient ofvariation of seeding uniformity was30.99%<45%, meeting the national standard. Thequalified rate of sowing depth was84%>75%, meeting the national standard.
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