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Rape Pot Seedling Transplanting Machine in Seedling Conveying Device Test Research

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Tutor: TangChuZhou
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: rapeseed pot seedling,physical and mechanical properties,take seedlingconveying
CLC: S223.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The present situation of our rape transplanting machine half mechanization and the problem of low efficiency of work, an urgent need to develop the hole plate seedling transplanting machine automatically, and take the miao parts is the core component of to realize the automation and mechanized transplanting machine. Aiming at this problem, the more absorption for transplanting machine structure based on the advantage of both at home and abroad, to rape BoPan seedlings as the research object, put forward a kind of suitable for rape pot seedling transplanting machine in seedling conveying parts. This article mainly made a research from the following several aspects:(1) Elated physical and mechanical characteristics of rape pot seedling experiment research:through the experiment measured the basic physical parameter of the xiang za1613rape pot seedling, the pot seedling diameter and seedling height were discrete degree are analyzed; For rape pot seedling seedling test, pull MiaoLi pull and pull, age of seedling, seedling Angle clip blade position changes in the relationship; Pot seedling stem for the tensile test and compression test, tensile force, tensile stress and age of seedling, the changes of stress, compressive stress and the relationship between the change of the age of seedling. Support for seedling conveying parts provide design parameters.(2) Design:to take seedling conveying device structure design, determine the structure of the process parameters, and analyzes in detail the structure affect the performance of take seedlings. Using3d software Pro/E to take seedling conveying structure model design, will be the model for virtual assembly.(3) The seedling conveying process dynamics analysis, indicates that the three factors affecting metering performance are:conveyor belt Angle, take seedlings, seedling belt belt clearance tape speed.(4) Design of experiment:in making good seedling conveying device prototype on the single factor and orthogonal regression experiment was carried out respectively, through single factor experiment on the impact of various factors on performance take seedlings inner change rule; Using the Design-Expert7.0software for ternary quadratic orthogonal rotation experiment results were analyzed, and established the mathematical model between the factors and take (regression equation), and verify its reliability. Using F test obtains the degree of primary and secondary factors influence on the regression model. Finally through the model of optimization of the optimal parameter combination:belt conveyor belt Angle is59.39¡ã,take seedlings6.4mm clearance, seedling belt belt speed55.66r/min.Choose seedling success rate84.15%, or10.81%damage rate10.81%, shoot length stability.
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