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Optimal Design and Experiment on the Key Parts of Self-propelled Rectangular Baler

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Tutor: WangDeCheng
School: China Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: rectangular baler,self-propelled,feeding fork,compression mechanism,topologyopti
CLC: S817.11
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2014
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To solve the harvester shortage problem in the pasture cultivation areas, especially brae and hilly terrain of northern china, a kind of pasture pick-up baler operation process and its whole structure scheme were proposed. And the small self-propelled rectangular baler was designed for small plot operation. The material arrangement for whole frame was optimized by using the topology optimization design theory. A kind of dovetail slide compression mechanism with cross sleeve structure was designed, and the reliability evaluation of compression mechanism was analyzed. An1type feeding fork was designed based on the motion attitude; meanwhile some experiments were done for comparing different feeding forks shape. Field performance tests were conducted, the machine and operating showed good performance.The main results as bellow:(1) The design scheme of small self-propelled rectangular baler was proposed for small plots of pasture harvesting.Completed the the overall design, the main contents were as follows:the overall design principle, press process technical study of self-propelled rectangular baler, the whole scheme design, the composition and working principles of transmission system, and analysis of the structure and parameters on hydraulic, pick-up system, screw mechanism and chain scraper conveyor, the trial of the baler.(2) The method of topology optimization was used to optimize the frame. According to the results, the model was restored, and then the topological shape was designed reasonable. The restored frame was analyzed by using statics method and modal method. The stress and deformation were meeting the design requirements, and the lower order natural frequency of frame was evenly distributed.(3) Aim at the reliability of the compression mechanism, a new kind of dovetail slide compression mechanism which have cross sleeve structure was designed innovationly. Based on this mechanism, the load on the connecting rod and crank was analyzed, and then the model based on stress and fatigue analysis was built. The fatigue life and distribution of safety factor of connecting rod and crank were calculated, and the fatigue life and the load sensitivity curve, provided reference for subsequent optimization.(4) Based on the motion attitude, three kinds of feeding forks which include a wide type feeding fork, a narrow feeding fork and an L type feeding fork were designed. Then, analyzed and discussed the mechanism of three forks sending pasture.Emphases on L-shaped fork, analysed the Working surface shape.And the kinematics simulation of the L-shaped fork was studied in ADAMS software, including sports attitude, speed, and trajectory. Using response surface method, optimize the L-type fork¡¯s shape. Finally, some experiments were done for comparing the three kinds of feeding forks shape and the evaluation is rule bale rate. The results showed that:L-type fork have more efficient on completing the reversal of grass bale job link.(5) Conducted a field experiment on the prototype. The test results showed that:alfalfa bale density, rules bundles rate, bundle rate drop rate and loss rate have reached the design requirements; t the machine is well in coordination, flexible migration is,climbing and has achieved a variable speed adjust; and the performance indicators have met the design requirements.
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