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Design and Experiment of Key Mechanisms for Sugar Beet Combine with Disc-dig Type

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Tutor: ZhangDongXing
School: China Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: sugar beet,harvest machine,digging,guiding,transportation
CLC: S225.72
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2014
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Based on the study of the sugar beet harvesting technology and agricultural machinery at home and abroad, the key equipment of sugar beet combine harvester was analyzed theoretically and experimentally to determine the beet harvest technology pattern, the key technical theory and institutional form, with reference to our country¡¯s sugar beet planting patterns and production system. The key component of guiding system, digging equipment and conveying cleaning device was designed and optimized to realize the process of mechanical work of digging, transportation, cleaning, and collection. As a result, the key technical challenges in sugar beet harvesting mechanization have been effectively solved, and harvesting equipment technology has been improved.The main research contents and conclusions:(1) Through the research on China¡¯s agronomic and the status of sugar beet harvesting equipment at home and abroad, the second harvesting patterns and processes was determined, the design scheme and route of traction type double row sugar beet harvest machine was proposed and the structure was designed, such as the adjustment of traction type cylinder, hydraulic-mechanical drive system, board-type throwing mechanism, rod-belt gripping delivery device and knapsack container. And the working principle and structural characteristics of sugar beet combine harvester were analyzed.(2) Through researching on sugar beet planting agronomic and root characteristics, the distribution in field, geometrical model and compression mechanical properties of sugar beet were obtained. According to the analysis of the influence factors of beet root pulling force, the optimal parameter combination was found out. This result will provide the reference to choose the key parameter of guiding system and digging equipment(3) Referencing the characteristic of digging harvest equipment in the domestic and overseas, determined the structure and working mechanism of digging equipment, built the relationship among the key parameters, constructed kinematics model and mechanics model of digging equipment, and checked the strength and deformation of device structure by the finite element analysis ANSYS. By the way of field experiment modeling, the relation between key parameters and performance indicators was established, and the optimal parameter combination was obtained by using optimization technique.(4) The structure and working mechanism of the guiding system were determined on the basis of analyzing the existing technology and the structure, and the relationship between the guiding device parameters and kinetic characteristics was analyzed. By field experiment and response surface optimization method, the mathematical model of the key parameters and guide effect indexes were established, the influence rule of parameters on the test index was studied, and the value range and the optimal combination of parameters were determined.(5) According to the existing transport and cleaning structure¡¯s characteristics, the structure of the transport and cleaning device was determined, and the relationship and the scope of the parameters were decided by studying the working principles, parameters relationship and movement characteristics of the transport and cleaning device. Through researching on the movement characteristics of conveyor and interaction between chain and sprocket by the ADAMS simulation software, the effects of the key parameters in conveying processes of conveyor were analyzed, in order to find out the optimal parameter combination and the acceleration and the speed as beets leaving conveyer(6) By harvest field performance test, the imperfection of the prototype performance, working efficiency, suitability, reliability and others were improved and perfected. So the prototype has met the performance need of harvesting sugar beet.
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