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Modelingand Simulation of Seed Etering Test-bed Based on MATLAB

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Tutor: ShiJingZuo
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: MATLAB/Simulink,modeling,simulation,seed metering test-bed
CLC: S223.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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During Twelfth Five-year25period, our country keep on enlarging theinput and support strength in developing modern agriculture. The seedingmachinery¡¯development accelerates the process of modern agriculture, but ourcountry¡¯s agricultural machinery started a little later, developed slower, majority ofregions still been half automation craft work status, labor strength hard, quality bad,the efficiency is also lower, there is a big gap in comparing with lots of developedcountrys. Therefore, the development degree of sowing seeds mechinery became to bea direct index for measure the development of farm machinery.The development of seeding machinery effects farm machinery¡¯s developmentdirectly, and what influence sow seeding machinery most is the development level ofseed-metering device. The seed-metering device is one of the main parts of seeder.The quaity of seeding machinery effects seeder¡¯s quaity directly. There are manyfactors that influence the seeder¡¯s quality, which play the leading role is seedingperformance.In the process of seed-metering device¡¯s development, seed metering test-bed isthe main equipment to test seed-metering device¡¯s performance. By seed meteringtest-bed we can see the properties of seed-metering detailed, through imageprocessing, we can measure some original parameters which included the seedspacing, number, center of gravity position and the number¡¢width¡¢distance¡¢of row,on the basic of the parameters to calculate the qualified index¡¢leak index and repeatsowing index that seted by GB/T6973-2005testing methods of single seeddrills(precision drills), and carry out printing statement and exporting chart. The dataacquisition part and image precessing part of the test-bed can save original seedingvideo, so as to repeat play for observiation and analysis.In terms of how to improve the performance of seed-metering device£¬researchersboth at home and abroad has made a lot of research work and great progress£¬and hasdeveloped many seed-metering test-bed. This paper designed to analysis and researchthe structure and performance of STB-700multi-function intelligent detection system developed by China agricultural university, using MATLAB/Simulink to establish themathematical model, and simulating the schematic diagram¡¢the installation frame anddata acquisition of test-bed apart, and distinguish to the row grow the transmissionthat the machine experiments a set and take part, the row grow a machine part, thedata collected part to carry on a model and imitate true analysis, will imitate really asa result with experiment the function of set experiment as a result carry on acomparison, get the on trial set work of the best parameter index sign, pass imitatetrue analysis can carry on directly accurate valuation to each function index sign thatexperiments a set, also for experimented the improvement of set to provide a theorybasis.
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