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Development of Wheat No-tillage Fertilization Planter

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Tutor: ZhangJinGuo
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: conversation tillage,wheat no-till fertilizing seeder,stubble breaker,experiment
CLC: S223.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Wheat is one of China¡¯s three major food crops, which riches of nutritional value, is the mainedible refined grains, so ensuring wheat production is an important task of agricultural science andtechnology work, is the guarantee of the national economy development, the premise and foundationof national stability. For a long time, plowing is the main method in land farming, inevitably there aresome disadvantages: speeding up the loss of the soil water, which contributes the soil erosion; Makingthe plough density thickening, which prevents root stretching and rainfall infiltration; Organic matteris mineralized, which impacts the accumulation of soil organic matter and dynamic balance. Also,Farmers adopt the scatters to fertilization, which not only wastes the fertilizer, but also the wheatseeding absorbs fertilizer inequelitily, thereby affecting the harvest. With the leaping again and againof agricultural machinery technology, the original state of the land was changed at random, andprotection measures to the land was insufficient; with the mechanical tillage intensity increasing, thesoil deviated from the natural state, lost natural protection and the ability of nutritional recovery.Therefore, research and test of conservation tillage, a large area of implementation and promotion, isvery necessary.Seeder is a vital component of agricultural machinery, the seeding quality directly affects theproduction of crops, to develop a high quality seeder is the urgent request of agricultural development.The paper is put forward based on the no-till planting actual need in high production of north China,with the purpose of educing farmers¡¯ reduction cost, meeting the needs of the farmers¡¯, and reformingthe wheat no-till fertilizing seeder, furtherly improving the conservation tillage machine system.Compared to traditional farming technology, conservation tillage technology has significantecological, economic and social benefits. The paper bases on the study and the analysis of the presentsituation of no-till planter at home and abroad, focusing on analyzing and designing the furrower withstubble breaker and suppression device, through repeated field tests to determine suitable furrowerand suppress wheel. The wheat no-till fertilizing plant is unique in replacing power stubble cleaningdevice of existing wheat no-till fertilizing seeder, directly using furrower to break stubble, andcompleting seeding. The design of the seeder is in accordance with the wide and narrow row spacing,spacing of10cm and20cm in turn, furrower furrowing in each10cm area, and setting the straw andresidues to the adjacent area of20cm, completing one line of fertilization, two lines of sowing;Furrower uniformly distributed on the first and third beam of the rack, three in the former and four inthe back, which staggered installed with spacing of60cm effectively avoid the congestion of thegrass and straw between them; the guide pipe make a backward bent to complete the process of earthback into the ditch, cover the seed, the corresponding driving suppress wheel complete compaction ofthe seeds and crush of the clods, the seeder one-timely completes furrowing, fertilizing, seeding, repression and other processes.After the completion of the machine, there is a seeding performance test on the machine inshenze, shijiazhuang, province of Hebei, in2012.he test results show that the structure of wheat no-tillfertilizing planter is reasonable, the working performance is stable, effect of seeding is very good;through the analysis and summary of data, the coefficient of variation of Seeding uniformity, qualifiedrate of seeding depth and so on, meet the national standards, there is necessary to the further research,development and promotion.
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