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Study on Key Parts of Paddy Seedling Soil Mixer

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Tutor: WangChun
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Rice seedling soil,Mixer,Parameter optimization,Uniformity
CLC: S223
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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Rice is one of the primary productions of food crops in northern China. In HeilongjiangProvince, due to the Frigid Zone is located. producing one crop of rice type is type. A seedling ofrice is very short, if the traditional nursery, transplanting means will not benefit large-scaleplanting of rice. Application of quality planting bowl sterile technique so that this problem hasbeen greatly alleviated; factory-style production promotes seedling healthy and rapid growth.Research on this topic is based on the quality of the bowl sterile implant technology, combinedwith the characteristics of seedling factory to design a suitable mixing device planted under thenew technology sterile bowl quality required quality nursery seedlings soil. Seedling soilmaterial mixed stir seedling soil is a key part of the preparation the mixing quality is directlyrelated to the effect of seedlings. In order to provide the ability to comply with the relevantproperties of soil seedbed nursery pot seedling tray requirements, this article will stir stirringperformance of the device were studied.First, analysis of the mixed task and mixed media mixing in the process of motion, elaborationof the law of motion and the state of the material mixing process. Meanwhile, analysis anddesign of the mixing device in theoretically, determine the optimum scheme of each structuresize mixing machine mixing barrel, check the mixing barrel strength using Solidworks software.Secondly, analyze the main structure parameters of the experimental prototype and workingparameters, respectively the single factor experiment of mixer drum speed, mixing bladeinstallation angle, mixing blade groups, soil moisture content, stirring time and other factors,determination of the reasonable range.Thirdly, using the multi factor orthogonal experiment, obtains the influence of each parameteron the experimental index, application to optimization results, the scheme one: mixer drum speed0.6m/s, mixing blade installation angle15¡ã, mixing blade groups3, soil moisture content9%;And scheme two: mixer drum speed1.0m/s, mixing blade installation angle25¡ã, mixing bladegroups3, soil moisture content9%. Matching these two schemes are more reasonable.Finally, by using the optimized parameters of the mixing device for mixing experiment, theoptimized parameters of the mixing effect to achieve the design requirements, Explaination thestudy design of the mix mixing device, capable of mixing high quality rice seedling soil provides technical support.
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