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Experiment and Theory Studies on the Mechanism of Orderly Push-out Separating Seedling for Corn Tran

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Tutor: WangJinWu
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: corn seedling,transplanting,orderly push-out,separating seedling mechanism,Exper
CLC: S223.9
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2014
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In order to increase the output of corn, the best way is to increase the output per ha Becauseof short of soil in China. Based on the procreating period being prolonged by corn transplanting,the output and quanlity of corn are to be increased. Structures of transplanting machines ataboard are complex and price of them are high and the efficiencies of them are low. And at homecorn transplanting machine is none. So full automatic corn transplanting machine is urgentlyneeded, which structures of transplanting machines at abroad are simple and price of them arelow and the efficiencies of them are high.Systemtically studies on mechanism and parameters optimization on key parts of theorderly push-out separating seedling mechanism for transplanting corn were maken. Andanalyses and optimization on the kinematics and dynamics of mechanism are emphases.Simulations of mechanism were done by ADAMS and ANSYS. Experimental studies were doneon the test bed of the orderly push-out separating seedling lever mechanism, which could providefreedom innovation of key parts and theory and technical basis for full automatic higheffienciency and light corn transplanting machine.The conclusions are as follows.1) Through analyzing the work principles and structural characteristics of separatingseedling mechanism at home and abroad, for corn seedling transplanting, orderly push-out modeland continuous rotating delivering portrait seedling were chosen.2) In order to avoid the phenomenon of entangle root outside of corn pot seedling plate, nosoil exist outside of it. Based on the special soil, moisture of soil was18%that was best toincrease the ratio of success and high efficiency of corn seedling pushed out.3) Based on the biggest bearing force of driven parts, involute reversed was put forward todesign profile construction of partialital straight moving tray cam, which was simple andprecise.4) Through simulation by ADAMS and ANSYS combined, stress and strain anddisplacement of key parts were obtained and analyzed. The structures of dial rod and lever wereoptimized. And the results were more in reason. And the material cost was saved.5) The soft was workout to optimize the moving parameters of mechanism, which wereshortcut and agility and reliable. Under the same target values optimized, a series of non badsolution group, which was very convenien for actual design.6) The time and bearing force of mandril returning were effected by parameters of mandril reposition spring. In order to satisfy the reposition time and make bearing force least, the softwas workout to optimize the parameters of spring. The results of optimization were thatd=0.8mm£¬n=14£¬¡÷x0=49mm£¬and bearing force of spring F=14.88N£¬the time of mandrilreturning were t=0.01s under ideal conditions.7) The results of test show that the efficiency of lever push-out separating seedlingmechanism was higher than300times per minute. The results of high speed video show thatcorn pot seedling separated was orderly and the time were basic consistent. So the theorical andoptimized results were in reason, which showed that the method was correct.
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