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Study on Mechanism and Experiment of Mechanical Rice Bowl Dish Precision Seeder

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Tutor: YiShuJuan
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: rice,nursery tray precise seeding device,filling,dropping. experimental study
CLC: S223.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2014
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In order to further reveal the rice nursery tray precise seeding apparatus seeding mechanism, thepaper study nursery tray fine quantity sowing the status quo, using intelligent forecast method(BP neural network, RBF-PLS networks and partial least squares regression), dimensionalanalysis and experimental study on the method of rice nursery tray precise seeding apparatusmechanism has carried on the exploration and analysis.1.The use of instruments such as digital display micrometer, angle instrument for seven kinds ofcommonly used long grain and short grain rice bud physical properties were determined, and thelong and short grain rice bud of analyzed the change rule of physical properties, the results showthat under the condition of different moisture content, long and short grain rice bud of the changerule of different physical properties, including geometry, thousand seed weight difference isbigger, Angle of repose, their horns.2.The key components of rice nursery tray precise seeder has carried on the design, the structuresize of planter key components and parameters, sowing rice nursery tray precise test rig isdeveloped.3.In hole diameter, the thickness of the hole, brush box speed, moisture content of rice, highly astest factors, Ken rice shoots3kinds of ancient bronze mirror, for example, at five factors fivelevels quadratic regression orthogonal design experiments, obtain the sample data of the forecast.Based on the BP neural network, RBF-PLS network and least squares regression modelcomparison, fitting precision that RBF-PLS network model had better fitting effect. So thisarticle with the help of the RBF network model building-PLS nursery tray fine quantity sowingseeds of rice seed filling performance prediction, through test and RBF-PLS network predictionresults are analyzed in comparison.¡£4.Rice bud was established based on dimensional analysis of velocity and the structureparameters, the relationship between process parameters and the rice shoots kind of motionmodel, the analysis indicated that the rice bud sport speed and quality of the flap and the qualityof rice, angular velocity, turning to throw time, rice sprout kind of initial displacement; Usinghigh speed camera to determine the model constants, the cast process is obtained by Matlab simulation, cast time, seed rice height, the influence of the angular velocity of rice turning speed.5. Rice was established by applying the theorem of momentum for kinds of dynamics model ofthe process, getting the process seeding device to throw seed by force and structural parameters,the relationship between the process parameters, analysis shows that the size of the force and thevertical displacement, angular velocity, rice whereabouts turning rice, cast time is proportional tothe weight, and the flap is inversely proportional to the weight. Through experiment the rice budstress effect on the germination rate curve, the optimal parameters of the lowest rates areobtained.6. The hole rate, rate of single grain, sowing rate, multicast rate, damage rate of performanceindicators, in hole diameter, the thickness of the hole, box at the rate of factors, on the sowingrice nursery tray precise test bench, with long grain rice varieties with Kenjian three, short grainrice Kongyu131, for example, the quadratic orthogonal rotation combination test, contrastanalysis shows that the long and short grain rice bud of the tests, the hole diameter, the thicknessof the hole and kinds of box speed effect on the performance index law generally similar, but theprimary and secondary factors exist certain differences, long grain process parameterscombination:11mm,4mm and0.24m/s. Short grain process parameters combination:10mm,4mm, and0.29m/s.
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