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Orchard Ditcher Experimental Research and Optimization Design

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Tutor: LiuJunFeng
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: orchard,ditching machine,ditching knife,test,optimal design
CLC: S222.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Fruit industry has become the main industry of modern agriculture in China, its rapiddevelopment is to realize the sustainable development of local economy and society.Irrigation and fertilization plays a crucial role in the production and management of fruittrees, whether it is reasonable or not that not only narrow the gap of fruit yield, but also canimprove the fruit yield and fruit quality and economic benefits.The orchard ditchingmachine to replace artificial digging trenches in fertilization, not only can save a lot oflabor, improve work efficiency but also reduce the production cost, and ditching qualitythan artificial ditching.In order to ensure quality, improve the operation efficiency ofditching, reduce the production cost requires ditching machine with more stable operatingperformance.This experimental study and optimization of design for the type of3GK-300orchard trencher which researched by our group with independent research anddevelopment.Through the experiment we find out possible problems and optimized of theditching machine, in order to improve the operating performance of orchard ditchingmachine. The main work includes:1. According to the cultivation of fruit trees and orchard fertilization furrowhorticultural requirements for ditching machine, developed orchards the performance testprogram for problems that may be encountered in the ditching operating in the orchard,including trencher dynamic performance test, performance test of trenching knife, ditchingmachine operating quality test, orchards actual production test. Inspect the ditchingmachine in the orchard environment job adaptability, opener of power consumption,equipment operating performance and the quality of the machine operating,and assessingthe performance of key ditching parts ditching knife.2. Orchard ditching machine power performance test is mainly aimed at the dynamicopener part of consumption, because the part of power too large resulting adaptability oforchard ditching machine hilly area is poor, and the power is slightly less when climbingjob. Through the analysis of the proposed solutions, construction of ditching knife cuttingmodel was test by ANSYS/LS-DYNA software, find the cutting speed and cutting relationbetween the soil resistance, cutting parameter optimization of the furrow opener, theopener cutting power is reduced by18%. 3.The ditching knife performance test and job quality test of the orchard ditchingmachine at the same time, found that the ditching machine operating quality in fullcompliance with the field operation quality of ditchers of NY/T740-2003by experiment,able to meet the requirements of gardening fertilizer ditching. But the knife was badlyworn in the ditching job, is not conducive to the routine maintenance of the trencher andincrease production costs, reduced the long-term stability. Through the study of the loss oftechnology to improve the wear resistance, hardness and wear resistance of ditching knifeblade part by spraying metal ceramic coating surface engineering technology, throughbench experiment and actual trenching tests show, spray the surface of blade weldingNi60A cermet coating can make the tool life increased2.5times, and also can use thistechnology to repair the wear of tool use.4.Use of virtual prototyping technology to optimization improvements the poortransport through sexual and the drive sprocket at the root card soil problems with orchardtrencher production test. and use the AIP software to build the orchard trencherthree-dimensional model of3GK-300-type,through the motion simulation and dynamicinterference checking function of software simulation to optimize the design of theprototype.Trial production of new prototype for the optimization of improved orchard ditchingmachine, through the contrast test found prototype operating performance is greatlyimproved after the improvement that the soil cutting power reduced by18%and thetrenching tool life increased by2.5times, the adaptability of the orchard.
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