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Studies on the dynamics of shock type Ripper dozer

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Tutor: ShiQingLu
School: Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: The impact ripper,the discrete numerical method,parameterized,Dynamic analyze,op
CLC: S222.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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This paper discusses deeply the dynamic characteristic of the impact ripperby forming its3d mold (Creo), representing dynamic analyse and parameterizedmethord with MATLAB, and explaning ADAMS virtual dynamics simulationand optimization analysis.(1)The mechanism and the principle of impact ripper are introduced, andthe mechanic DOF is calculated.This paper indicates the mechanicalcharacteristics of several kinds of typical working conditions and brifly analyzeother spicial working conditions.(2)We present the parametered kinamic methord of impact ripper.Byestablishing the mathematical model of tooth displacement analysis, drawingtooth trajectory with discrete numerical method, thus we get theparameterization of the envelope.According to the parameterized envelope, andwe obtained some important technical parametersthe of impact ripper.Thedifference quotient and discrete numerical method is used to analyze the velocityand the accelerate of ripper tooth and its parameteric method in MATLAB.(3)The mathmatic model of dynamic analyse is given to analyze the scopeof tooth under the ground, draw the whole machine dynamics analysis diagramof typical working conditions (the working condition of forcing to insert to soiland the working condition of moving at a constant speed),give a dynamicanalysis calculation example of a specific working condition. And MATLABdynamic analysis of parametric method is also given.(4)Given is the impact ripper ADAMS simulation analysis and optimization.The impact ripper in dangerous working conditions of dynamic simulation isanalyzed by using ADAMS software. Based on this, sensitivity analysis andoptimization design are carried out.
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