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Design and Field Evaluation of a Vibratory Subsoiler with a Staggered Reciprocating Shanks

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Tutor: ZhangDongXing
School: China Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Vibration subsoiler,Soil compaction,A staggered reciprocating motion,Eccentricst
CLC: S222
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2014
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The problems of soil compaction and hardpan formation are common in fields that were cultivated annually due to the traffic of tractors during cultivation and trucks after harvesting. Subsoilers have been developed to penetrate and break up the hardpan; but these subsoil implements faced big enemy which is require large horsepower tractors to pull the tools through the soil and the most of developing countries are used the medium size tractors therefore seriously hampered the development of technology of subsoiling.The use of vibrating or oscillating subsoiler is one technique that can reduce the draft force. different vibratory subsoiler which are sited previous, it found that, the one row tines arrangement is most common type, and these types of plow faced soil penetration resistance due to all tines of plow will penetrate the hard soil at the same time cause increasing soil resistance, consequently, increasing draft force and power consumption. Moreover; most common of vibratory plow when they tested in the field indicated that the tractor vibrations were not comfortable to the operator due to vibration power from the implement was transferred to the tractor operator seat.To solve the existing picblems, a new type of a staggered reciprocal vibratory subsoiler was designed and developed to optimize the penetration resistance and high draft forces and to keep the vibration stability during the work on the field which leads to a good working environment for the operators, also to make the plow has ability to work in different working modes and different working width with different distance between shanks and different number of shank with different vibration styles. The new designed is consist of mainly five parts,(¢¡) the staggered reciprocating motion unit (¢¢) generator mechanism,(¢£) eccentric structure unit,(¢¤) main frame,(¢¥) depth control mechanism and fertilizer system. The implement was tested and evaluated in mid of China Hebei province Guan city in consecutive of a year2012and2013using the different shanks working mode under different three forward speeds. The main research contents and the performance of the prototype showed that:Analyzing the model of solid-shank model, the forcing of shank and researching mechanism of resistance reduction, provided the design parameters. Calculated vibration equation and drew the trajectory path of shank, established contact with velocity, amplitude, frequency and real vibration, convenient for design and optimization.In order to research an optimum combination among the vibration frequency and forward tractor speed the mathematical design parameters was run out in MATLAB and result found that, with oscillating frequency of9Hz with forward speed2km/h,12Hz with speed of3km/h, frequency of15Hz with speed of3km/and speed of4km/h with15Hz the tractive resistance is low and the effect of loosening the soil is good.Result of draft showed that there are a significant different between two shank working modes. The ratio of draft during oscillating and non-oscillating was ranging from11.6to13.5and14.1 to15.4as forward speeds increased from spl to sp3respectively. Total power required for oscillating operation was8.94,10.85and10.12kW at forward speeds of spl, sp2and sp3respectively. It was slightly greater than the power required for non-oscillating operation. Compare the new designs draft and power requirement results to previous results of the developed1SZ-460it found that the new design recorded less by3.61%for the draft than the1SZ-460.The average of effective field capacity was statistically affected by different shanks working mode and different forward speed which it was greater in vibrating shank by13%,11.3%and10.8%as compared with non-vibrated shank for spl, sp2and sp3respectively. Wheel slippage was found significantly (P<0.05) better in Vibrating mode than non-vibrated mode, the mean wheel slippage in vibrating style was found significantly higher by11.65%,20.11%and20.6%for sp1, sp2and sp3respectively. Moreover, based on average cutting width it was found that the vibrating mode recorded43.8%and23.3%more than non-vibrating shanks for the new design and1SZ-460vibratory plow respectively.Cone penetration resistance (CPR) was greatly significantly influenced by the tow shanks working modes at different soil depth. The CPR had significant difference among the treatments at the soil depth of0-10cm and found28.6%higher in non-vibrated shank than vibrated, moreover in the two lower depths it was found that there is a highly significant difference better in vibrated mode compare to non-vibrated mode which it was43.49%and37.86%higher than non-vibrated. The influence of forward speed on CPR had no significant difference and was found almost similar.A significant difference was found between non-vibrated shank (NVS) and vibrating shank (VS) at the different depth in term of bulk density. were, it was reduced by7.3%for the first depth,14.59%for the second depth and by7.69%for last depth, furthermore soil bulk density were decreased after all tillage treatments compared with those before tillage by25.7%for the new design and by18.98%for the1SZ-460.The soil moisture in no-vibrating shank compared with the vibrated shank was similar at all depth layers of the plowed soil which there is no significant different (P<0.05). Also the results indicated that, there is very slight different in moisture content between tilled soils and perior tilled.
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