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Restart of Wireless Measurement System for Soil Moisture

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Tutor: XiaPing
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Soil moisture,MCU,Wireless transmission,Monitoring andmanagement system,Bluetoot
CLC: S152.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the social and economic development, rapid population expansion,resulting in a large number of water consumption and pollution. In recent years, thephenomenon occurs due to the drought in many places steep persistent droughtcontinues, large areas of land cracking phenomenon, crop facing a serious threat, aswell as desertification and salinization serious erosion, resulting in a shortage of landresources, crop production will be limited. Control soil moisture conditions foragricultural production is of great significance, you can keep the soil moisturedetection technology. Therefore, soil moisture detection methods are analyzed. OKsensor technology and Bluetooth wireless technology to achieve a combination of soilmoisture conditions and ambient temperature quickly gather information, establishwater from the soil moisture data collected soil moisture detection system wirelesstransmission wireless transmission.The paper separately from the sensor dataacquisition and processing module design, GPS positioning function, the Bluetoothmodule and wireless transmission and other aspects of the design of wirelesstransmission soil moisture detection system achieved. The main contents and resultsare as follows:1)Analysis of the features of the different types of sensors with the applicable conditions,select able to resist the negative effects of the soil soil temperature and humidity sensorsconnected with the microcontroller, a soil moisture acquisition module has a low cost and highaccuracy, stabilitycharacteristics of soil moisture data acquisition.2) Through the functional properties of different types of sensors with theapplicable conditions of understanding, selection PHSWR100W type of soiltemperature and humidity sensor temperature and humidity information to completethe acquisition. And using STM32F107VCT6MCU, EEPROM chip, GPS module,LCD screen and Bluetooth wireless transmission module to achieve a temperature andhumidity data conversion processing, latitude and longitude positioning and real-timedisplay on the LCD screen, as well as temperature and humidity information storage,through the key modules of history storing data call display, the last of the ambienttemperature and soil moisture information moisture information quickly andaccurately wireless data transmission and other functions.3) Use Keil Uvision4software for data acquisition module and data storagemodule, the key modules and wireless data transmission module associated procedures for the preparation, the executable file export work, making the normaldata exchange between modules. Using C++Builder as the system developmentplatform designed soil moisture wireless network monitoring and management system,to achieve the goal of real-time control, the control system includes software design,sensor node software design, monitoring and management interface design. SQLite3.7use database management software for the next bit machine to send data storage, datamanagement interface for the display, history provides data query basis.
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