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Research on the Motor Vibration Detect System Based on LabVIEW

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Tutor: LiuShuXia
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: three-phase asynchronous motor,vibration testing,virtual instrument,signal acqui
CLC: TM306
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Motor is a kind of energy into mechanical energy can be an important device,that is often used in work¡¢agriculture and daily life. As we all know, The performance of motor is deeply influence the security, stability and comfort, and at the same time it has the function of charging. Recently, the demanding of the comfortableness of the three-phase asynchronous motor is constantly increasing. So the vibration noise problems of the alternator caught scientist¡¯s attention, and it has become a research direction of automotive. To improve the quality and the operation reliability of the domestic motor to adapt to the modern motor alternator production environment, we need to make detection efficiency and products fault detection rate obviously different with before. So the development of the generator vibration testing system has a very important significance. The motor detection system constitutes of traditional instruments lack of flexibility. Virtual instrument approach is compact, flexible, and function rich, besides it has a high cost performance. So it starts a new ear that a user can become a instrument designer. LabVIEW8.6 is one of the main development tools which collect development, commissioning and operation at an organic whole. This thesis, based on LabVIEW8.6,introduces a generator diagnosis system which has many practical functions such as signal acquisition, signal analysis, signal processing, data storage, data query and so on.Through this paper we have learned the three-phase asynchronous motor structure and the power generation principle .And then we use the Y2-200L-4 three-phase asynchronous motor, which was manufactured by HANGZHOU force righteousness machinery Co., to analog car axle to provide generator with dynamic. We use virtual instrument technology and LabVIEW8.6 to test Y2-200L-4 three-phase asynchronous motor generators aim at developing generator vibration testing system. This vibration testing system acquires signals through single channel or multi-channel based on PCI-8210 data collection card and BZ1185 piezoelectric sensors. The powerful functions of data analysis and data processing of LabVIEW8.6 was used for on-line detection or diagnosis offline. Online testing is mainly acquire generator¡¯s vibration signals and preserve them, then put the parameters which installed by set area as alarm threshold value, which can instantly reflect the operation state and generator fault degree. Offline diagnosis using modular-thought, make the signal analysis methods into an individual VI. When we need to use this function module, the program will call the VI through the superior. The system mainly includes file management module, data analysis and processing module, data storage module, etc. Data analysis and processing module mainly include time domain analysis module and frequency domain analysis module (Fourier transform, the power spectrum analysis, mutual power spectrum analysis, down spectrum analysis), related domain analysis module (autocorrelation analysis, mutual close analysis), joint time-frequency analysis module (short-time Fourier transform, wavelet analysis), etc. we obtain the data of the Y2-200L-4 three-phase asynchronous motor when it working under the rated speed environment and the environment of rotor misalignment fault, then we use offline diagnosis analysis module to analyze and process the signals that can improve the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. At the same time it also proves the motor vibration testing software platform¡¯s maneuverability, and it has the value of developing and perfection.
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