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Experiment Research on Oil Filter of Work Characteristics Based on Labview

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Tutor: WeiZhiKang
School: Guangxi University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Oil filter,LabVIEW,Speed characteristics,Hydrauliccharacteristics
CLC: TK403
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The oil filter work characteristics directly influence the reliability of the engine and service life, so JB8124-1999centrifugal oil filter oil filter test method stipulated the inspection of the rotor speed and drive assembly of the rotor flow rate of oil inspection parameters. In order to detect the parameters of centrifugal oil filter, it makes use of LabVIEW software to exploit out of the test system of oil filter work characteristics. The application of LabVIEW signal processing VI tests¡¢analyses and operating the rotor speed signal, drive rotor of oil flow signal and the oil temperature signal. It Analysis the nozzle structure and filtering mechanism, and then described a series of mathematical model of the centrifugal oil filter filtration shunt process, and application of computer numerical analysis and test and measurement, and then find out the change of the law of hydraulic characteristics, speed characteristics, different diameter and temperature filtration efficiency. According to the test and the calculation results, the FL115oil filter nozzle size improvement design, through the test analysis shows that the nozzle diameter in1.8mm to2.0mm, FL115filter filtration efficiency achieves the best.Therefore, based on the Lab VIEW, the test system of oil filter work characteristics, not only make tap centrifugal oil filter test process simplification, but also provide convenient test analysis means intuitive to the oil filter manufacturers, and provide the theory basis for the oil filter designing, manufacturing quality improvement and the engine selection.
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