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Research on System Optimization of Grain Logistics

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Tutor: YangYinSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: grain logistics,systematic analysis,network layout,route optimization,Geographic
CLC: F326.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2007
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Grain logistics is the important component of the logistics system for agricultural products. At the present time, to construct our grain logistics system, it is lack of technologies, such as local, regional and national circulation management database system, the planning method for grain logistics and supply and demand analysis, there are no any study of the logistics¡¯nekwork layout and the route optimization, the study of the grain logistics¡¯policy and environment has not been enough, which makes the construction of our grain logistics system suffer from technological limits. Therefore, a study which is information-based has been our principal technological choice to reinforce the construction of our grain logistics system. It mainly studies on grain logistics database system, the network layout and the route optimization and the policy, the environment of the grain logistics.This paper presents a system approach to study grain logistics¡¯critical technological chain, the forecast analysis model, optimization method for the grain logistics networks layout and the route optimization within the node district, exploiting the grain logistics decision support system, putting forward the policy propose of our grain logistics by designing grain logistics industry organization model.This paper is divided into six chapters. They are preface, the systematic analysis on grain logistics, the forecast of grain logistics demand, the network layout and route optimization, GIS-based exploitation of decision-making sustain system and the study of policyChapter one analyzes the function and meaning of the study on grain logistics technological supporting system , summarizing domestic and overseas relative study actuality .introducing the problems that existing in recent study , setting the study of this paper .Chapter two presents the systematic analysis of the grain logistics system, including:(1) On the basis of discussing agricultural products and its traits and classes. The analysis focuses on the traits of our grain logistics and its four developing phases. By comparing the developing actuality between domestic and overseas,It analyzes the leading problems of our grain logistics from the aspect of technological equipment, currency network¡¢information system etc.(2) The developed logistics system consider the characteristics of grain logistics system, such as hiberarchily divisible system¡¢great span system¡¢dynamic system¡¢complicated system, multiple-target system and human-machine system. This paper conceives grain logistics system frame model and supply chain model, and carry out a systematic analysis on its function factor¡¢supporting factor¡¢function basic factor.From the aspect of grain logistics demanding forecast, chapter three describes a study on the model and method of grain logistics demanding forecast, concretely about:(1) Various forecasting methods of the logistics demand were studied, they include single item forecast index smoothing, gray system forecast, linear combination forecast of nerve network forecast and combination forecast, nonlinear combination forecast and nonlinear combination forecast that based on nerve network etc, also mainly analyzes nerve network forecast and nonlinear combination forecast that based on the nerve network, on the basis of analyzing grain logistics¡¯time characteristics and space characteristics, derivation, complexity etc.(2) Grain logistics nonlinear combination forecast was developed based on the nerve network considering the grain logistics actuality of Changchun, it delivers a study on the forecast analysis on the grain logistics demanding quantity, which paved the way for the logistics planning and layout.Chapter four focuses on the study of grain logistics network layout and route optimization, mainly about:(1) On the basis of describing the topology of grain logistics network, it specified the principle of grain logistics center selecting, analyzed relative influence factors, studied on the center location selecting model and method of single logistics center and multiple logistics center based on network layout, mainly summarizing the model of center of gravity and the model of multiple center of gravity. Combining the forecast of grain logistics demanding quantity in Changchun, it chooses for the grain logistics center in Changchun relying on multiple center of gravity model.(2) Referring to the grain logistics distribution vehicle redeploy problem (VRP), it delivers the solution to this problem, designs the optimize target of grain logistics distribution system. By establishing punish function, it constructs grain logistics distribution VRP model, and designs a modified C-W economy heuristic algorithm, also implement algorithm by using VC++. And furthermore, it validates the validity and feasibility of this model by analyzing the examples of vehicle redeploy optimization in the logistics center in Changchun.Chapter five presents the development on the exploitation of grain logistics decision support system which based on GIS, including:(1)On the basis of analyzing GIS (Geographic Information System)and DDS(Decision Support System)and their function , using the exploitation instruments ArcGIS8.0¡¢MapObjects2.3 and Visual Basic6.0 etc and SOL serve2000database, it delivers a overall design of the GIS-based grain logistics decision support system (GLDSS-Grain Logistics DSS),including structure design¡¢function design etc. From the design of database flow, logistic structure design, physics design etc, it processes the database analysis on GLDSS .(2) By the exploitation of electronic map and functional diagram level, taking Changchun for example, it integrates GIS-based grain logistics decision support system, which marked the route optimization within the logistics center visible, providing the planning and manage of grain logistics with platform technology.Chapter six delivers a policy analysis of the grain logistics industry, mainly about:(1)¡°structure-conduction-performance¡±analysis model (SCP model ) based on industry organization, introduces the impact of the government , conceiving the analysis model of grain logistics industry organization , making stress analysis of our grain logistics¡¯marketable configuration, enterprise behavior, government behavior . The result indicates: the concentricity of our grain logistics industry is somewhat low, the competitive ability of the enterprise is weak at large, the existing grain logistics enterprise mainly concentrated on the low operating storage and transport market, it is difficult to get into the highly operating logistics market, more competitive beyond us, the crucial heading of the market structure adjusting is pushing grain logistics enterprise to the highly operating part. Recently, the competition of grain logistics should focus on the diversity of brand and technologyRegions can adopt different cooperation model, and the core of boosting enterprise competition is extensive:(2) In order to specify scientific and rational grain logistics industry policy , to insure the construction of grain logistics system, to upgrade the management of grain logistics, it starts from overall plan and coordination resources conformity¡¢multi-investment, integer coordination¡¢adjustment of structure layout, talented person raise, the study and apply of new technology, promoting propositional policy that in favor of the development of our grain logistics industry .Chapter seven summarizes the inclusion of this paper, emphasizing the chief innovation in this paper, putting forward of the later study.
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