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Study on Modification and Increases the Fragranceof Claret by Pulsed Electric Field Technology

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Tutor: YinYongGuang
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: fresh claret,pulsed electric field (PEF),catalyzation of wine,physical and chemi
CLC: TS262.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2007
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As we all knows, wine can provide many necessary nutrition for our body. Nowadays, people tend to focus on the healthy food just like wine, catering to this tendency, the wine industry have broad prospect.Fresh wine is rough, coordinate, flat, it need storage under given conditions,after a period of time to improve its quality, this process is named wine aging. In wine, water and alcohol have over 90%, as the polar molecules, their intermolecular association are depend on hydrogen bond. In the process of wine aging, being of intermolecular recombination, the freedom of single molecular weakened, stimulus lessened. At the same time, a series of complex responses happened, such as pectin, tartrate and protein sediment, oxidation, esterification, condensation et al. It made the component of alcohol, aldehyde, acid, ester come to a new balance. As a result, the wine becomes more clarity with remarkable wine aroma and enjoyable taste.Wine aging in natural condition need a great deal of factory buildings,wine containers and storage time, it causes much money and wine losses, So people come to pay attention to catalyzation technology, such as laser supersonic wave, microwave, electromagnetic field, electrostatic, irradiation, infrared wave,¦Ã-ray radiator, biological method et al. These methods can accelerate wine aging but not adapt to industry production.Being of its unique advantages, as one of the most active technology, PEF developed fast in recent years, this method spend short time, creates little effects on sensory quality and no bad consequence. At present, PEF pasteurization technique has been known as the most interesting and advanced technology on international, but have no report about catalyzation of wine.The PEF technique was firstly used to accelerate claret aging in this paper. We would determine the physical and chemical targetes by routine analysis, and the wine aroma determined by GC-MS. To regulate pulse number, electric field intensity and treatment temperature so as to realize the catalyzation of wine. Several main contents as follows:1. Single-factor experiment: designed basic parameters such as pulse number, electric field intensity and treatment temperature to treat the fresh claret, then test the treat samples and the original claret. The treatment results suggested that total acid content, total ester content and phenethyl alcohol had increased and total alcohol and fusel oil content had dropped. Combined with taste test to determine the best parameters of PEF range as follows: pulse number as 10, electric field intensity as 10kv/cm, treatment temperature as 15¡æ.2. The physical and chemical targetes and aroma contents of claret were compared and analyzed systematically among PEF treatment samples and the claret by traditional technology. The results showed that such technique could accelerate wine aging and achieve equal effects to three years old claret in natural state.3. Examined by infrared spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance, it found that the simple water or alcohol could associate stable structure easily, but it was very difficulty to wine. However, the proper PEF treatment could provide energy to help this process finish.4. Stable experiment: storaged the samples in natural state, tested the main targetes and aroma components, they had no significant changes.5. Compared to microwave technique and infrared wave technique, the PEF had highest achievable yield for specialty and aroma of claret. In generally, the results of claret aging by PEF indicated that such technique can accelerate claret aging, improve the claret quality, it is not only feasible and had a good application prospect, but also provides some valuable references for deeply studies of catalyzation of wine.
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