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Optimization and Bionic Analysis of the Industrial Structure of Agriculture of Jilin Province

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Tutor: ZuoJin;YangYinSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Jilin Province,Industrial structure of agriculture,Optimal analysis,Bionics
CLC: F224
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2007
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Undergone major changes in the domestic and international circumstances,the optimization of the Jilin industrial structure of agriculture is conducive to the transfer of surplus rural labor force,and will promote the urbanization progress. The optimization can also,in a much greater extent,increase the income of farmers and improve the competitiveness of the agricultural producets of Jilin province in market.Such industrial structure of agriculture as agricultural basic industries and the agricultural products processing industries were studied. The basic theories for the optimization of the industrial structure of agriculture include the followings: agricultural and industrial rationalization,agriculture-led industries choice,dual economic structure,structure similarity,dissipation characteristics and others.Based on the dual-economy theory,the analysis conducted shows that Jilin productivity gap between agriculture and the overall economy is smaller compared with the relative national average level,. This is due to the historical reasons rather than the overall economic development strength to narrow the urban-rural dual economic structure. It was shown through Jilin Province rural dual economic structure analysis that the main objective of increasing the income of farmers in Jilin Province adjustment of the agricultural structure should be focused on the villages and the overall level of the rural economy can be improved through the development of township enterprises. The relatively discrimination method,shift-quota method,the measurement and structural ordering industrial model of agriculture were used as the foundation of Jilin agricultural basic industries diagnosis. The results showed that,compared with the national average,the agriculture basic industries of Jilin present have a higher management efficiency and a higher development,greater impact by the natural risks and economic risks,a certain relativity of the proportion of stockbreeding with agriculture basic industrial structure. To increase the proportion of stockbreeding can increase the competitiveness of the agriculture basic industry in Jilin Province. The current leading status of China¡¯s agricultural product processing industry was analyzed using input-output,relative industry analysis,principal component analysis and other methods referenced from the processing industry of agricultural products to the international and domestic background. In terms of the problems encountered,countermeasures are raised for the better development of the agricultural processing industry of Jilin Province.On the basis of the above analysis,the rationalization and range of the agricultural production systems were analyzed using the theory of entropy. A mathematical model was used to calculate and verify the rationalization and range of Jilin agricultural and industrial structure. The results showed greater association entropy of Jilin agricultural structure,indicating that the proportion of the agricultural sector in the industrial structure was reasonable. The operation entropy measurement of Jilin agricultural structure during the years from 1998 to 2004 was tested using the correlation analysis of the each-year¡¯s farmers income and the operation entropy,showing that the lower of operation entropy,the higher order of agricultural structure was,and the higher agriculture income for the corresponding year as well. That was,improvement of the agricultural structure and reduction of the operation entropy can effectively increase the income of peasants. Base on the above analysis,the consumer demand,technological progress,comparative advantage,innovation system including agricultural policies can be used to optimize the dynamic mechanisms of the industrial structure.The actors affecting the Jilin agricultural optimization of the industrial structure were analyzed using gray correlation analysis method. The bionic analysis of the role of government was conduced based on the ecological factors. The role of government to the optimization of Jilin agricultural of the industrial structure in Jilin Province. The bionic analysis of the niche-based optimization of the system environment was carried out,including analysis of how to establish and perfect the system of the corresponding optimization of the industrial structure to safeguard the interests of farmers in agriculture. The bionic analysis of the agricultural industrial chain optimization was done based on the succession,mainly including the leading agricultural industry study of how to lead and promote the coordinated development of all industries and agriculture issues.
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