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Research and Empirical Analysis on the Food Life Cycle Assessment

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Tutor: YangYinSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Food,Life Cycle Assessment,Model,Mode,Cleaner Production,An Empirical Analysis
CLC: TS201
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2007
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Life Cycle Assessment is an evaluation during the manufacturing process of the product. It emphasizes particularly the analysis, which is used to evaluate material use, energy consumption, pollutant let and the effect on the environment. This method ,using the dates for environmental protection, which have been minimized and quantized, helps improve system in allusion during the product process, and reduce the resource consumption and pollutant let furthest ,to meet the needs of the green food production and implement the sustainable development of the corporation .Food is a special industry product ,the component of which tends to make chemical and biochemical reaction .It needs to be enclosed and there is a standard about the process ,transportation ,storing and so on.The food industry is the consumption of resources and the emission of major pollutants. Thus, food industry increased attention to the production processing and green products, to mitigate the impact on the environment. Life Cycle Assessment of food is an important part of the research on the product life cycle assessment. Doing research on life cycle assessment of food has great significance on putting the cleaning production of food in practice and building up the environmental protection image of the corporation. It can also improve product green degreeLife Cycle Assessment and demonstration analysis on the system for beer production in this paper can provide reference for the research on the LCA of other food products, support the food corporation in putting the clean production of food in practice, and lead the green consumption on food.Based on the LCA norms in the ISO, our state constructs model of foodstuff and product life cycle assessment.The paper draws a general frame of foodstuff and product life cycle assessment, then according to the present situation of foodstuff enterprise and production, it expatiates the structure and connotation of the model.It gives the defenition and concrete content of LCA, according to the trade divisiory traits and kinds of different foodstuffs. The process of making definition of LCA is that we divides the products into several situations, and the range of foodstuff should be enlarged except that distinguishing the resource consumption, energy sources consumption and environmental let. The range should be enlarged from three sides. First, it should find out the factors which affect the stuffs¡¯health during the process of the foodstuffs¡¯production and improve the environment of foodstuffs¡¯production. Second, it should find out the factor which pollute foodstuffs in the production enviornment and improve foodstuffs¡¯greenness. Third, it should find out the factor which affect quality of foodstuff and improve the safety of foodstuff.The paper also does research on the effect of food additive and machining additive on people¡¯s health.In the definition at a range of Food LCA, food product system boundary limits at¡°the beginning to the raw material supply, namely¡±the end-point of the input produces provided by " other systems " outside the product system and the end to the final handling of the food product output by basal flow. In view of the fact that there are kinds of packing materials of food enterprise with a great of quantity and different function, and to food product and the enterprise staff health and the environment, all possibly bring the latent negative influence on the present situation, The article suggests that the reuse packing recycling process would be included in the food system on study .In the analysis on food LCA list, the article suggests that the loss in business should be drafted as main body, "product process flowchart". The chart should include the main equipment of the product system completely, accessory equipment and pipeline joint, system import and export and so on. Simultaneously, all imput and the output for various equipment and process must be noted on the "food process flow chart" detailedly. In fact it is " the entire process¡®the flow chart¡¯" of the product drawn up according to such requests above. After that , another paper should be presented in which data error of the input and output of each unit process basal current has been detailedly indicated, which will provide the most direct consult for improving the LCA . Considering the practical maneuverability, the entire process the flow chart of the product may draw according to the actual production line segment stage, each stage can include several closed-connect unit process.In the collection of the food LCA data list ,the article suggests that the food enterprise should thin energy consumption, monitor on material and energy consumption , establish and complete the supervisory system for environment discharge. obtain the on-line and comprehensive product environment data. Specially, it is time for starting to monitor on unusual smell gas and the noise and the vibration and the like which exist in the the discharge on the production process, and which can produce bad affects to the enterprise staff¡¯s health.With the development of technology, food additive is more and more popular and it affects the foodstuff safety very much. It is difficult to research LCA because of technological secret. Considering on the LCA assessment ,the paper enforces on the production system to the affection on the health of staff. It suggests that should combine the enterprise practice, economy strength and mature technology and experience to improve the production noise, peculiar smell, dust and so on.Secondly, as the green glass beer made in Ltd. Company of Ha Erbin Beer, the paper makes research on a detailed analysis of the brewage system packaging of the beer. The paper makes the demonstration to analyse the model of foodstuff and product life cycle assessment, gives a specific suggestion according the model which is used in the production and practice of beer.In the end, it provides a single, useful, numeral and comparative target on the brewage system of environmental performance.
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