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Experimental Study and Design of Waterway System of Irrigating-sowing Machine

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Tutor: GaoLianXing WuChongYou
School: Shenyang Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Watersaving-dry farming,Irrigating amount of water per seed hole,Irrigating-sowi
CLC: S223.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2006
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There is scarcity of water resource, and the drought happens frequently, agricultural water is scarcer in china.Therefore, various farming technologies of drying and water saving are adopted in northern arid and semi-arid region of china.The drought-defying sowing is an important part of drying farming.It is proved by practice that the technology of irrigating-sowing is a tried and true sowing technology for fighting drought among most of drying farming technology.In recent years, based on the guide of governmental scientific research funds, the scientific researches of irrigating-sowing technology were strengthened in china, many kinds of irrigating-sowing machines were produced. Whereas, at present, there are many practical problems of irrigating-sowing machines to solve urgently, such as the problems of irrigating water and seed sowed into a same seed hole, determining the volume of irrigating water per seed hole, irrigating water splash, sowing depth and seeds distance instability, and so on.In view of these and in accordance with the problems which meet in the process of irrigating-sowing, theoretical analyses and test researches were provided in this paper. The main conclusions are as follows:1.Through the test of planting corn, physical property of soil, the soil moisture content which can ensure corn germinates and its seeds come out, the corn wilting point, and reasonable volume of irrigating water per seed hole were measured.The test results are as follows: the soil moisture content of corn germination and seedlings emergence is 14%, the corn wilting point is 7.3%, the volume of irrigating water per seed hole is 100ml.2.A new seeding technique of irrigating-sowing machine was studied which can ensure seeds and water to flow into seedbed furrow together in same level.On the basis of general analyzing, two waterway systems of the irrigating-sowing machines were designed.The paper introduced working principle of he irrigating-sowing machines, and the waterway systems critical components parameters models were set up.And, by using optimum technique and the major function of Matlab, optimum design parameters of the critical components were obtained.based on the results, the sample monomer of irrigating-sowing machine were designed.By the performances test, the coefficient of local loss-of-head of the critical components have been measured, it can provide the reference for other parameters design.3.The sample monomer of irrigating-sowing machine of wheel pump waterways was tested on test bed.The test results showed that the spatter area of irrigating water was affected by the three factors: spout diameter, the setting height of spout, and the working speed of tractor. Effects of the three factors on spatter area of irrigating water were studied by means of the method of a current, rotation and combinational design of quadric regression.A quadric regression model of spatter area of irrigating water about the three factors was established.The model was significantly fit well and the optimum combination was obtained.The responses of the spatter area of irrigating water about all three single factors were discussed.By analyzing the models, the order of the factors affecting the spatter area of irrigating water is
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