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Evaluation of Quality of Life of Rural Residents in Jilin Province

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Tutor: YangYinSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Jilin province,QOL of rural residents,influencing factors,evaluation index syste
CLC: F323.8
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2006
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Jiang Zemin put forward that the ultimate goal of social development was all-round development of human in the 15th Chinese Communist Party(CPC) National Congress. This is a scientific thesis because genuine development of our society is the development of human, namely the ultimate purpose of development must follow people-oriented theory. The CPC Central Committee has been strongly advocating the establishment of "harmonious society" at present, so the people-oriented development theory should based on "harmonious society" theory, establish a harmonious living environment suitable for all people to live in, improve people¡¯s quality of life(QOL) and make sure every people full of freedom. So, caring for the "quality of life" is not only an important embodiment of people-oriented scientific development theory but an important requirement of the 21st century, and the ultimate goal of economic and social development. CPC proposed a grand strategy of New Village Construction in the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee. Economic development is the foundation as well as enhancing rural residents¡¯income level is the guarantee for New Village Construction, they are both very important and necessary. Therefore, for co-rich and well-off society, or harmonious society and New Village Construction, the essences are all focus on QOL of rural residents. Furthermore, in order to accurately supervise the current situation of rural residents¡¯QOL and make corresponding decisions, decision-makers need a set of QOL theory to evaluation the QOL of rural residents, guide the development of society, monitor the implementation of the
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