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Studies on Non-smooth Surface Morphology and Function Characteristics of Typical Plants

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Tutor: RenLuQuan
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: bionic engineering,non-smooth surface,morphological characteristic,hydrophobicit
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2006
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Non-smooth, the perfect optimized biological surface morphology, has been formed during the long evolution and optimization of living creatures as a stable self-adaptive system. Researches that concentrated on non-smooth surface morphologies and related biomimetic characteristics have been considered to be of great theoretical and academic importance.In recent years, the development of biomimetic non-smooth investigations, completely deviates from the traditional conception, has expanded a novel thinking and studying route for engineering field. Currently, biological non-smooth surface is one of the frontal and hot standpoints in international science and technology studies. American and Germany scientists took a lead in carrying out the biomimetic researches on halobios body surfaces and plant leaf surfaces. In China, the studies on soil animals have been deeply conducted, which have already discovered the anti-adhesion and drag reduction characteristics of their non-smooth body surfaces. The present paper carried out a series of experiments on some typical plant leaf surfaces: firstly compared the shape, distribution pattern, and surface morphology of the units situated on different non-smooth surfaces, subsequently constructed evaluate target gatherings of several typical biological non-smooth surface morphologies based on Extenics theory, and then screened out and optimized four kinds of mathematical models of non-smooth hydrophobic surfaces. The correlation between the non-smooth surface morphology and its wettability and adhesion force as well as the mechanical characteristics of external and endogenic non-smooth was analyzed, and finally the correlation between the non-smooth morphology and its function characteristics was determined, all of
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