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Study on the Intermediary Role of Background Variables and Coping Styles in Life Events,Self-harmony and Mental Health

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Tutor: ZhouAiBao
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: secondary specialized school students,undergraduate students,background variable
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Self-harmony is an important concept closely related to personality,physical health and mental health,which is also the object that more and more scholars eager concern and focus on it.After reviewing and reorganizing the researches at home and aboard,we find that the former studied focused on the relationship between the life events and coping styles,seldom on an integrated system of life events,coping styles,self harmony and mental health,and this kind of continuous dynamic study was more rare.This study is selected secondary specialized school students and undergraduate students as subjects,their average age between 18 to 22 years old.This research is combined quantitative and qualitative research methods,aimed to reveals the deep relationship of background variables and coping styles in life events,self-harmony and mental health.This study used Adolescent Self-Rating Life Events Check List (ASLEC) by Mr.Liu Xianchen,Coping Style Questionnaire by Mr. Xiao Jihua,Self Consistency and Congruence Scale (SCCS) by Wang Dengfeng and SCL-90 to investigate 400 secondary specialized school students and 400 undergraduate students.The data used SPSS16.0,LISREL8.70 for statistical analysis. The conclusions are as follows:1.¡°Learning stress¡±and¡°relationship¡±are secondary specialized school students and undergraduate students facing primary life events.¡°Learning stress¡±and¡°relationship¡±on the impact of secondary school students than college students are bigger.There are significant gender and speciality differences in life events.¡°Learning stress¡±,¡°relationship¡±are the girls scored significantly higher than boys;Medical class,social sciences literature,science and engineering in different professional students are significantly different in¡°Learning stress¡±,¡°relationship¡±.Medical students had the most stressful of life events,social science literary student¡¯s center,science and engineering student¡¯s lightest.2.Students¡¯ coping styles for stress include¡°problem solving¡±,¡°fantasy¡±,¡°retreat¡±,¡°help seeking¡±,¡°rationalization¡±and¡°self-blame¡±,whose frequency is from high to low.Secondary specialized school students and undergraduate students are the most frequently used¡°problem solving¡±coping style.So,secondary specialized school students and college students¡¯ coping styles are positive.Secondary specialized school students in¡°self-blame¡±scores were significantly lower than undergraduate students,but in the¡°fantasy¡±scores are obviously higher than college students;There are significant gender and speciality differences in coping styles.Males use¡°self-blame¡±and¡°rationalization¡±more often than females.Social Science Literature students use¡°problem solving¡±the most,followed by medical category,science and engineering at least. The science and engineering students had the highest score on¡°self-blame¡±factor,social sciences literature students followed, the medical class students at least.3.Secondary specialized school students and undergraduate students at a medium level of self-harmony.Secondary specialized school students and college students on self-harmony between the factor scores were significantly,but no difference in total score.Self-harmony in the gender differences were mainly the female scores in¡°disharmony of oneself and experience¡±and¡°self-flexibility¡±higher than boys.Science and engineering students in the highest degree of self-harmony,followed by social science literature students, Medicine class students minimum.4.Self-harmony and mental health(SCL-90)scores of all factors and were significantly correlated.Student self-harmony and mental health status are closely related.5.Life events are found have significant positive correlation with self-harmony.¡°problem solving¡±and¡°help seeking¡±were significant negative correlated with¡°disharmony of oneself and experience¡±,¡°self-stiffness¡±and self-harmony total score.¡°self-blame¡±,¡°fantasy¡±,¡°retreat¡±were significant positively correlated with them;¡°problem solving¡±and¡°help seeking¡±were significant positively correlated with¡°self-flexibility¡±,¡°self-blame¡±,¡°fantasy¡±,¡°retreat¡±were significant negative correlated with it.6.Depth interviews showed that there are many students facing life events lack of coping strategies,skills.7.Coping styles had played an intermediary role in life events and self-harmony,the path figure is visual display the relationship between each variable.
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