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The Impact Research on the Present Situation of Job Satisfaction and Its Impact on Mental Health of Enterprise Young Workers

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Tutor: YangLin
School: Nanchang University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Young workers,Mental health,Job satisfaction
CLC: B849
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Workers as the main part of the enterprise staff team, their mental health and job satisfaction, directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. In order to better research the a line of enterprise young workers¡¯present situation of mental health and job satisfaction, the research was mainly consisit of the job satisfaction and the mental health of the young workers, and I selected 382 enterprise young workers of Shandong province by random sampling and then use self-compile interview questionnaire, SCL-90, JSS to investigate, data processing and analysis by SPSS 17.0.Results show that:¢ÙThere is significant difference between the 9 factors of SCL-90 of the enterprise young workers with the national norm, the mental health score is higher than the national norm overall.¢ÛThere is significant difference among most projects of enterprise young worker job satisfaction, and most of the score below the average level, and the overall satisfaction is low;¢ÛThere is significant difference in gender of depression and anxiety; There is significant difference among all of the factors in different unit length except the factor compulsion symptoms; There is significant difference in education background of all the factors.¢ÜIn the promotion latitude, different length of latitude unit, the company nature, type, age, and whether the young worker to jump ship enterprise exists significant difference, Different units in age, the company property and have to jump ship of young workers in the interpersonal aspect exists significant difference.¢ÝThere is negatively correlated between SCL-90 and Job satisfaction; for mental health treatment, relationships, work identity can be used to predict the latitude, other prediction effect is not obvious.Based on the investigation, in order to improve enterprise young worker job satisfaction, this research put forward the following Suggestions:(1) strive to creat good interpersonal environment and atmoshere (2) constructing the enterprise interior effective communication way (3) improve and reform salary system (4) create specialized professional career planning and development mechanism for the young workers (5) carry out specific practical training (6) set up and pay attention to the employee assistant and psychology department.
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