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Application Study on Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Stress Management

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Tutor: ChenJianHua
School: Nanchang University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Stress management,Employee Assistant Program (EAP),Mental health,Jiangxi Mobile
CLC: F272.92
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The competition among enterprises become more and more fiercely under the rapid development of social economy. At the same time, employees feel more and more stress and challenges from the enterprises, especially the IT industry. The Employee Assistant Program (EAP) can relieve the employees¡¯stress effectively and average up the mental health level of them by operating, as it is a significant method of stress management which the enterprise provide to the employees, and it can bring economic benefit to the enterprise and also embodies the modern managing concept of people-based.This study uses the survey regarding the working stress and mental health of the employees in enterprise, which is from the research topic group of EAP of Shandong University, to investigate 282 staff from China Mobile Communications Corporation Jiangxi Ltd (hereinafter called "Jiangxi Mobile Co."), then safely got below conclusions:(1) There are 47.16%of the staff from Jiangxi Mobile Co. feel heavy stress, it is mainly caused by the work itself. And the stress of the employees in different positions are quite different, the staff from sales and customer service positions are feeling the most.(2) The employees¡¯working stess may directly affect their mental health level, 67.60%of the staff feel tired frequently.The mental health situation has significant difference between male employees and female employees, as the female¡¯s mental health level is overall worse than the male¡¯s. The employees, who have less education, married, or with longer years of working, always feel heavier mental stress.(3) The staff has little contact and knows little with EAP, but they are generally willing to accept the mental aids of EAP. The EAP services, which they demanded, are individual consultation, individual development service, health care, support service for critical incident, etc. The preferred forms of EAP are face to face consultation, hotlines and internet aid.(4) The staff of Jiangxi Mobile Co. is very confident and they trust the organizations very well, it makes the leading feels more support, these are promoting the EAP moving.In order to reinforce the EAP mental aids of employees¡¯stress management of the enterprise, this study think need to be embarked from below aspects:1. The EAP goal of employees¡¯stress management should be considered from the unit employee and the whole organization.2. People-based concept should be the core of the EAP values of employees¡¯ stress management.3. The EAP basic factors of employees¡¯stress management are including the professional team, the cooperation between each department and the enterprises, the financial support, perfect education and training and related institutional secrecy provided by the enterprise.4. The EAP execution of employees¡¯stress management should use the mixed service model which combines the full-time staff of the company and the professional service organizations of the society.5. The implementation and management of employees¡¯stress management are including the advertising, project activity, professional consultation, necessary crisis intervention, etc.
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