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Research on the Relationship of Mental Health¡¢Psychological Capital and Professional Pschological Help Seeking Attitudes of College Students

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Tutor: LuoHong
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: college students,the attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help,th
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The psychological consceling facilities in colleges are not fully used at present because most students suffering mental problems are unwilling to seek help from professional service. According to the related articles, the reason is that most researchers tend to take the traditional negative psychology as an orientation, which focus on individual¡¯s psychological problems and the negtive aspects,thus deviating the educational goal . With the development of the poitive psychology, emphasizing individual¡¯s positive quality as the educational ideology has become a new trend. Among others, Psychological capital as an important positive psychological capacity will inevitably become the new direction of psychological health research.Adopting the literature research and questionnaires survey as its research menthods, this research issues 500 questionnaires. After mending the questionaire of college sutdents¡¯psychological capital, we discuss the relationship of mental health¡¢psychological capital and professional pschological help seeking attitudes of college students and the results are as follows:Firstly,the scale of college students¡¯psychological capital includes 20 items and has high reliability and validity according to the requirements of psychometric. The Cronbach¦Áof sub-scales are 0.775 - 0.846, and the coefficient of homogeneity is 0.916, the coefficient of halt-split is 0.693-0.760. The coefficient of correlation between the sub-scale and the whole scale is 0.807-0.857. Exploratory factor analysis results show the factor loading of the sub-scales are 0.465-0.753 and the cumulative explained variance is 59.175%. Confirmatory factor analysis result show¦Ö2/df=2.625, the value of GFI¡¢AGFI¡¢NFI¡¢TFI and CFI are all over 0.8, RMSEA=0.074.Secondly, ATSPPH has significant positive correlation with the mental health of college students(Correlation between ATSPPH and the mental health of college students is -0.488,p<0.01;). ATSPPH can significantly forecast the mental health of college students ( regression equation: the mental health of college students=-0.383 ATSPPH +(-0.141)openness).Thirdly, psychological capital has mediator effect between ATSPPH and the mental health of college students.Fourth, multiple differences in demographic variables have been found on the mental health of college students¡¢the psychological capital and the ATSPPH. The differences of the mental health of college students among major¡¢born place¡¢and the only child or not have statistical significance. Students of liberal art are healthier than the students of science(t=3.062,p<0.01). Students from cities and towns are healthier than that from countryside(t=3.062,p<0.01). Students who has no sister or brother are more healthier than those have ( mental health t=-2.162,P<0.05). The differences of paychological capital among gender, grade have statistical significance. The psycapital level of male students are higher than the female students(psycapital t= 2.049,p<0.05). The differences among grades are in shape of a¡°U¡±: sophomore students get the lowest score and the senior students rank the highest.The differences of ATSPPH among gender¡¢major¡¢grade have statistical significance. The male stedents are more reluctantly to seek professional help than females(t=-4.044,p<0.05);Students of liberal art are more eager to seek help than the students of science(ATSPPH t=4.305,p<0.001). Sophomore and senior students are more positive to seek help than freshman and senior students.From the conclusions above, we can see the improvement of the psycapital will have a positive effect on the mental health of college students as well as the ATSPPH. And also the multiple differences in demographic variables have been found on psycapital of college students. It is suggested that we should take these influential factors into close consideration in practice.
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