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Social Support of the Protestant: Structure and Measurement

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Tutor: ChenYongSheng
School: Zhejiang Normal University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Protestant,Social Support,Emotional Support,Matter Support,Faith support,Organiz
CLC: B84-05
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Religion social support is an important concept of religion psychology, however, its notion stills has disputes. Meanwhile, our country hasn¡¯t gotton little progress on this aspect. Thus, basing on our domestic reality and abroad development, the study attempts to make a religion social support scale with the subject of the protestants, through with a personal understanding of the concept and structure of religion social suppor. In addition, the study also makes a investigation about the actual state and influence factors of the protestants¡¯ religion social support in China.We suppose that the social support of protestants is in Religious background, the protestants get whatever help and advice from the brothers and ministers. The concept contains four factors, organization support, faith support, emotional support, matter support.Through a series of analysis that consist of qualitative analysis, exploratory and confirmatory factory analysis. At last we get the scale which has twenty-one items, "Organization Support" has five items, "Emotional Support" has six items, "Matter Support" has five items, "Faith support" has five items. After being tested lots of reliability and validity analysis, the major indexes of reliability and validity have got the psychometric demand. The datas show the internal consistency reliability is 0.924, and each subscale¡¯s internal consistency reliability are 0.892,0.898,0.861,0.846; The half-split reliability is 0.734, and each subscale¡¯s half-split reliability are 0.856,0.873,0.835,0.832; After two-week, its retest reliability is 0.723.Then, the study explores the actual state and influence factors of 385 protestants. The results show the score of scale and subscales are round 4.Next, the other results show.(1) the social support of protestants has significant difference on age, education, marital status, faith time.(2)The regression analysis displays that only two variables enter regression equation, they are marital status and faith time. At last, we do some summaries and think the deficiency in our research, in order to provide some advice for other studys in the future.
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