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Casimir Effect in A Leaky Cavity

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Tutor: ZhengTaiYu
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Casimir effect,leaky cavity,quantization
CLC: O415.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In1948, the Casimir effect was predicted by the Dutch physicist HendrickCasimir[1]. He calculated the attractive force between two parallel ideal conductingplates. The force is caused by zero-point energy fluctuations of the electromagneticfield. Recently, the static Casimir effect has been deeply researched, and dynamicCasimir effect was also experimentally verified in2009. The Casimir effect plays animportant role in a variety of fields of physics, such as Atomic and Molecular Physics,condensed matter physics, chemistry, Gravitation and Cosmology MathematicalPhysics.From a physical point of view, the spectrum in the cavity is not continuous due tothe presence of the cavity wall. When the cavity wall is imperfect, the energyexchange between the cavity and the outside, leads to the decay of cavity field modes,which is cavity dissipation[2]. Since real cavity is imperfect, considerable attentionhas been attract to the study of leaky cavity in recent years.The purpose of this article is to use the electromagnetic quantization modesintroduced by predecessors to investigate the Casimir effect in a leaky cavity. And theresult shows that the Casimir force is related to the size of the cavity and the cavitydissipation.
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