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Dynamical Casimir Effect in an Optical Cavity Comprising a Bose-einstein Condensate

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Tutor: ZhengTaiYu
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Dynamical Casimir Effect,Bose-Einstein condensate,Photon number
CLC: O413.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Recently£¬quantum electrodynamics has developed rapidly. The special effects ofcavity quantum electrodynamics attract attention of many theoreticians. One of themost well-known effects is Casimir effect. And it is concerned widely.In1948, the Dutch physicist Casimir found that there was an attractive forcebetween two uncharged plates when they were close to each other. The attractiveforce is called Casimir force. It marked the beginning of the study for the Casimireffect. With the deepening of the research, one found a phenomenon that photons canbe created from vacuum fluctuations due to the time-dependent boundary, which isnamed dynamical Casimir effect. The Casimir effect is a quantum effect, which can beseen as a boundary value problem of electromagnetic field, and it is a naturalconsequence of the quantum field theory. But it also can be detected on macroscopicscale. So it is viewed as a macroscopic quantum effect. The Casimir effect plays avery important role in many areas.In this paper, we study dynamical Casimir effect in the optical cavity comprisinga Bose-Einstein condensate. The focus of this paper is research on the number ofphotons which are produced in an optical cavity with the Bose-Einstein condensate.And we have got the expression of it.
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