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The Analysis of the Spectral and the Processing of the Signal Method with Incoherent Scatter Radar

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Tutor: DengXiaoHua; YaoMing
School: Nanchang University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Incoherent scatter radar,power spectrum,Baker codes,Long Pulsecodes,Alternating
CLC: TN957.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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There are two methods to detect the Ionosphere, point detection and remote sensing. The point detection is that sent the detection equipment to the ionosphere to probe, and the remote sensing is to inverse ionosphere parameters by the received signal though the electromagnetic effects generated by transmitted signal interaction with ionosphere plasma. The remote sensing includes vertical sounding, high-frequency oblique detection, incoherent scatter detection. Software Defined Incoherent Scatter Radar System is the only one that could be able to measure a variety of ionosphere plasma parameters, at the same time, the measurement area can cover the height range from60km to about two thousand kilometers. The transmitted power usually reach several megawatt and the antenna diameter often get hundreds of meters as the echo spectrum power is very weak.At the same time, the selection and design of the detected waveform is crucial when we want to extract the effective parameter of the ionosphere. And the processing of the incoherent scatter radar relates to the fit between the plasma scattering power spectrum of the echo signal power spectrum, so the plasma scattering power spectrum deserves to be taken seriously. Combined with863national high-tech Research and Development Program (863Program)"the key technology of ionosphere software incoherent scatter radar", we divided the mechanism of the radar into three phases.1. We studied the basic principle of incoherent scatter principle and derived the relationship between the statistical characteristics of scatter signals and ionosphere media. Then we given the intrinsically link between the Scattering power spectrum and the echo power spectrum.2. We discussed the basic theory of incoherent scatter signal processing which referred to ambiguity function. At the same time we studied the principle of designing the waveform, we also studied the method of calculate the power spectrum of the echo signal. After the transmitted pulse modulated with Baker Codes, Long Pulse Codes and Alternating Codes, the three different power spectrums then we presented. 3. The basic theoretical knowledge of the incoherent scatter is given, and then combined with three specific circumstances to discuss the incoherent scattering power spectrum of simulation:do not consider the collision; consider the collision without magnetic; different the percentage of the ionic component. And at last calculate and discuss their spectrum.
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