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Study of Micro Electron Mechanical System Performance Based on Temperature Field of Casimir Potential Energy

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Tutor: ZhengTaiYu
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: MEMS,Casimir effect,Klein-Gordon equation,temperature field
CLC: TH703
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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There is a repulsive interaction between two neutral objects because of quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field.It is known as the Casimir force.This effect as the Casimir effect.Casimir effect plays a role in promoting many physical subjects such as quantum electrodynamics,condensed matter physics,mathematical physics and Micro Devices.The micro electron mechanical system(MEMS) is the multi-disciplinary overlapping emerging disciplines which develops in the microelectronic technology foundation.It refers to the set of micro-mechanical, micro-actuators and signal processing and control circuit, interface, communication and power is one of the micro devices or systems.MEMS technology development shows great vitality.It enhances the miniaturization of information systems, intelligent, multi-functional and reliability levels to new heights.This paper briefly introduces Casimir effect and MEMS,also simply introducing the experimental Research of Casimir force.Also given the literature[3] Casimir potential energy contained in the Klein-Gordon thermal field equation is derived in detail the process,and obtaining the same conclusion with literature[3].In order to more intutive understanding of the thermal field with Casimir potential on the influence of MEMS,this paper makes a computation on the numerical solution of the equation,and gives the the influence of the Casimir effect on the temperature field Under different parameters. This suggests that the application of Casimir effect in MEMS has theoretical significance and application value.
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