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Sandwich Compression and Fixation of Chinese White Poplar by Hygro-thermal Control

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Tutor: HuangRongFeng
School: Chinese Academy of Forestry
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: wood-based panel produce,continuous-flat press,Networked Control System(NCS),clu
CLC: TS652
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In the wood-based panel production process, hot pressing process is the throat of thewood-based panel production line, once failure in the hot pressing process, the loss can not berepair and remedy. To a great extent, the work ability of the press decide the output of thewood-based panel production line, and the technical performance of the press decide thequality of the wood-based panel product. So the key equipment of the hot pressing process¡ª¡ªhot press also receives much concern.The continuous-flat press pressurizing mode is the most advanced hot pressing technologyin the current wood-based panel industry, it is the high technology intensive about mechanical,microelectronic, hydraulic, control, instrument and other integrated wood-based panel hotpressing equipment. It is selected to be the main research object of this dissertation as a typicalcomplex industry control system, the main research contents and achievements of this paperare listed as follows£º(1) Discussed the difference of the more and more complex industry control system andthe normal control system, and the limitation of classic or modern control theory solve theseissues. Introduce the swarm intelligence control theory strategy, namely the coordinated controlof the distributed cosmically networked system, analysis the swarm features of the itselfstructure of the continuous-flat press.(2) Use the concept of the Networked Control System, modular layered structureoptimization of the control of the continuous-flat press, particular analysis the hot pressingcontrol of the continuous-flat press from temperature, pressure, drag, slab thicknessmeasurement, establish the terminal control, equipment control, field control of thecontinuous-flat press three layer industry control network structure, aim at a subsystem¡ª¡ªtemperature control system, introduce the control points of this control network in detail.(3) In the base of the continuous-flat press control system network model, design thecluster controller which can adapt the complex technology environment and quickly, reposefully, accurately working on the continuous-flat press production line. The clustercontroller is cascaded of the main controller and the expand module, main controller can attachanalogy input or output, switch input or output expand module by the system needs, and eitherexpand module can also attach other needed next expand module, realize the hardwarestructure extensible.(4) Respectively the function of the upper computer of the central control room andequipment control layer man-machine interaction-touch screen in the hole control systemnetwork, compile the relevant software program, realize the system network datacommunication, save data information to database, painting history line and so on.
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