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Study on the Decoration Style of Civilian Wooden Furnishings of the South of Hunan in Ming and Qing

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Tutor: LiuWenJin
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Ming-Qing furnishings,Xian-Nan civilian wooden furnishings,decoration style,cult
CLC: TS664.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The centuries-old decorations of civilian furnishings in the south of Hunan (named as Xiang-Nan) possessed of simple and unsophisticated style and had a distinct regional characteristic. Their subject matters and techniques were rich and various. As a representative, Xiang-Nan civilian wooden furnishings in Ming and Qing dynasties (Ming-Qing) embodied the local cultures and social ideas in their decoration, thereon the profound Chinese traditional cultures including the moralities, ideas, national sensibilities and the pursuances for values could be found. Recently, Xiang-Nan civilian wooden furnishings in Ming-Qing thus have being attract much attention and receive more and more favors.In this thesis, The origin and evolution of Ming-Qing civilian wooden furnishings¡¯decoration style in Xiang-Nan was expatiated by analyzing polity and economy activities, culture and history backgrounds, public feelings and customs, and geography circumstances in this region in Ming-Qing. Also, stria subject types and styles of decoration together with their culture elements were roundly studied. Accordingly, the abstruse culture connotations of decorations were exposed, with a series of research results obtained. The author commented as follows, for Ming-Qing civilian wooden furnishings in Xiang-Nan, the decorations were a nice match for their figures. The decoration techniques inherited the art style in the era of Chu and Han. While the subject matters and contents for decoration had the characteristic of particular nationality, regionality and contemporary, which reflected the welfare of life and the rich necromantic cultures of Chu. The simple but realistic pictures in decorations and their rural tinctures are vivid and can strongly impress ones with beauties in visions and in esthetic sentiments. This research focused on the culture connotations of civilian furnishings in Xang-Nan and is a help for the fanciers of furnishings to enjoy and study, enriching art cultures and edifying sentiments. It maybe act as a theoretic and practical attestation for inheriting and developing of Xiang-Nan civilian furnishings, in addition, act as a reference to the localization and the nationalization in the design of modern furnishings. How to mix traditional cultures into the decorations and make them became the elements of designing modern furnishings is a considerable issue, here the author only made an attempt.
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