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Study on Manufacturing of Surfacing Veneer from Fast Grown Eucalypt Wood and Its Surfacing Technolog

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Tutor: LuoJianJu
School: Guangxi University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Eucalyptus,Carbonization,Artificial wood veneer,Engineeredwood,Veneer overlay
CLC: TS653
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The raw materials for furniture and construction are mainly from composites panels from small diameter logs. This is caused by the low reserves, small coverage, less than quarter of the per capita forest resource and shortage in big diameter logs. The wood composites panel industry has been advanced along with the development of Chinese economy, which increase the needs for surface decoration. Due to the decreasing amount of big diameter, high valued logs, the price of decorative veneer from these logs are increasing which cause the production of decorative veneer from low valued, fast growing Eucalyptus. In this study, Eucalyptus decorative veneer was produced through carbonization by varying the temperature and carbonization time. The color was changed by carbonization and dimension stability was also highly increased. After carbonization, the veneer need to be submerged inside water in order to increase the moisture content and increase the flexibility of veneer and avoid a fragile veneer, which is good for downstream gluing process. In the following study, the gluing ability of high moisture content carbonized veneer was discussed. Single component, moisture curable Polyurethane adhesive was used as the adhesive in the experiment. Cold pressing pressure, Moisture content of veneer, filler amount, gluing amount and cold pressing time were chose as the five factors might generate effects on the gluing ability. Optimized combination parameters can be reached. The significance of processing factors on glue penetration and surface bonding strength were analyzed and finally reach an optimization processing method.High moisture content veneers were glued with moisture curable polyurethane adhesive. The cant after mould can be sliced directly without softening process with hot water. The veneers produced have "V" shape grains and dark colors which is quite similar to the color of high value wood. Eucalyptus decorative veneer production helps to compensate the shortage of high valued wood resources and also contributes to increase profits from fast growing Eucalyptus and its additional value.
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