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Study on Mechanical Properties of Gradient-density Poplar Wood Structural Plywood

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Tutor: ZhangXiaoDong
School: Nanjing Forestry University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: gradient-density,poplar structure plywood,MOE prediction,Structuredesign
CLC: TS653.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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This paper researches mainly on the Vertical Density Profile poplar structureplywood, on the basis of the theories of anisotropic laminate, damage mechanics andmodel simulation. The study is mainly on the constitutive relationship betweenmacro mechanical properties and micro structure (structure unit). Established themodel of MOE of gradient-density poplar structure plywood. By means of damagemechanism research of gradient-density poplar structure plywood, to differentdamage types of gradient-density poplar structure plywood are analyzed andresearched according to strength qualitative prediction model of gradient-densitypoplar structure plywood.The main conclusions of the article are below:1. Use DENSELAB X analyze Vertical Density Profile of gradient-density poplarstructure plywood. Discuss the effect of section density on the gradient-densitypoplar structure plywood mechanics performance. The difference of surface andcore layer structure unit density has an effect on MOE and MOR. With thesurface structure unit density increases, the core layer decreases, MOE and MORincreases. If the differences of surface and core layer density decrease, MOE andMOR variation in the plywood is just opposite.2. The stiffness prediction model suitable for gradient-density poplar structureplywood was established in this paper. The correlation coefficient R2-value ofpredicted and experimental value of Longitudinal MOE and Transverse MOE ofgradient-density poplar structure plywood are0.79541and0.62331respectively,the error between experimental value and predicted value of Longitudinal MOEand Transverse MOE of gradient-density poplar structure plywood are29%and25%respectively, therefore, the model has a great practical significance.3. Study the failure mechanism of gradient-density poplar structure plywood.A qualitative mathematical prediction model of gradient-density poplar structureplywood strength was established in this paper, which can analyze and researchdifferent failure types of gradient-density poplar structure plywood.4. With the gradient-density poplar structure plywood strength and stiffnessmodel. Reference the fracture theory. Illustrates design principle of gradient-density poplar structure plywood. Results show MOE and MOR ofgradient structure of poplar plywood were greater than uniform density poplarstructure plywood.
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