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Identification of Hongmu and Fingerprints Construction with Different Injection Methods Based on the

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Tutor: XuBin
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: GC-MS,Benzyl alcohol extraction,Static headspace sampling,Hongmuidentification,F
CLC: S781
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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As a category of rare wood, Hongmu is always being favored by people for itscorrosion¡¢ good stability and visual characteristic. However, with the superior qualityHongmu resources declining heavily, the phenomenon that passing fake imitations forgenuine in the market is extremely common, so a fast and accurate approach to identifyspecies of wood is expected.In this paper, combined the technique of GC-MS, with2injection methods of benzylalcohol extraction and static headspace sampling,9species of samples includingPterocarpus macarocarpus, Dalbergia odorifera, Pterocarpus santalinus, Dalbergiaoliveri, Dalbergia cochinchinensis£¬ Dalbergia frulescens var. tomentosa£¬ Dalberginbariensis£¬Dalbergia granadillo and Dalbergia retusa were taken as the study objects(theuse of static headspace sampling to identify the wood has not seen yet), based on the totalion chromatograms obtained, similarities between samples were evaluated via correlationcoefficient, hierarchical clustering and characteristic composition analysis, the resultsshowed as the followings.(1) Under the condition of static headspace sampling, only the total ion chromatograms ofDalbergia odorifera and Pterocarpus santalinus can be obtained.(2) Distinct differences of total ion chromatograms existed between different species ofsamples and their correlation coefficient is less than0.100, however, the relationshipbetween the same species of different batches showed the opposite, all of them have thesame characteristic peaks and its correlation coefficient is more than0.900.(3) All the same species with different batches can be clustered by hierarchical clusteranalysis, however, different species belonging to the same category ruled by the Hongmustandard can¡¯t be clustered completely.3batches of Dalbergia frulescens var. Tomentosawere clustered alone, different batches of Dalbergia cochinchinensis and Dalberginbariensis were clustered, so were the Dalbergia granadillo and Dalbergia retusa.(4) The main chemical compositions of the same samples with different batches wereobtained by the retrieval of NIST2005on its characteristic peaks, different samples can beidentified by the discrimination of their main chemical compositions.(5) Fingerprints of samples with different injection methods can be constructedrespectively under the certain conditions that relative peak areas more than1%werechosen as the effective observations, then figured out the ratio of peak areas accounting for the maximum one.(6) By comparative analysis between2injection methods, it showed that the method ofstatic headspace sampling was much more convenient than that of benzyl alcoholextraction on sample preparation, however, both the retention time and the relative peakareas of total ion chromatogram were influenced greatly by the volatile substance withboiling point of the samples, the more the volatile substance with boiling point werecontained, the better the total ion chromatograms can be obtained. From the fingerprints,we can know that the volatile substance of Dalbergia odorifera accounted for a largeproportion of its inclusion while the Pterocarpus santalinus showed the opposite.
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