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Preparation Progress and Thermal Conductivity of the Wood Fiber Insulation Material

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Tutor: ZhouXiaoYan
School: Nanjing Forestry University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Wood fiber,Insulation materials,Physical and mechanical properties,Thermalconduc
CLC: TS653
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Energy is the foundation to develop the national economy and improving people¡¯s lives.Along with social development, it is becoming more and more acute of the energy and demand,to develop new and clean energy and saving is the only way to achieve sustainable economicdevelopmentIn order to provide theoretical and practical basis for wood fiber insulation material topopularization and application in the field of in construction, use wood fiber to make new greenbuilding insulation materials, it has important significance of promote the sustainabledevelopment of forestry, agriculture and construction industries in our country, also conformsto the national development of low carbon economy, circulation economy, creating aresource-conserving and environment-friendly society of industrial policy.In this paper, we use wood fiber as raw material, using isocyanate as adhesive, tomanufacture the wood fiber insulation material, density in the range of100Kg/m3-250Kg/m3,the resin content is5%, temperature170¡æwood fiber insulation materials. Use the fractaldimension theory to research the influence of slab structure and the environment on the thermalproperties of materials, analysis different preparation process on the physical and mechanicalperformance of the thermal insulation material.The results are showed as following:1¡¢The thermal conductivity of the fiber insulation material is increased linearly withincreasing thickness, and as the temperature increases, the thermal conductivity increasing trendis more obviously. With the fiber insulation material density increases, the equivalent diameterof the pores of the material reduced, the porosity decreases, it lead to the thermal conductivityincreases. The bulk density of raw materials is also important to the fiber insulation thermalconductivity. Using MATLAB to analyze the fractal dimension of the fiber insulation material.Thermal conductivity and porosity fractal dimension is inverse relationship, the fractaldimension is greater, the smaller the thermal conductivity.2¡¢The thermal properties was increase first and then decreases as the temperatureincreases, In80¡ãC,the thermal conductivity is0.07083W/mK. Ambient humidity from0%to10%, the thermal conductivity coefficient increased at least16%.3¡¢The density of250kg/m3, thickness of20mm of the bio-fiber insulation materials in theperformance can reach EN standards on building insulation materials. The minimum TS whenthe thickness is90mm.
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