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The Research and Application on Lighting-Shadow in Furniture Design and Display Design

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Tutor: DaiXiangDong
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Light and shadow,Furniture,Show,Space
CLC: TS664.01
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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Light and shadow study has been widely used in architecture, in recent years, is also the focus of the research areas of indoor and outdoor space design and popular topics. Indoor space lighting research, most only vague talk, no specialized for specific objects in space, less furniture exhibition space light and shadow in the field of research, the system has not yet formed. The furniture is an industrial product, on the one hand, it has a value in use, on the other hand is an art form, the furniture display form is also an important means of furniture marketing, successful furniture show of furniture brand promotion play a positive role. Therefore explore the research and application of light and shadow in furniture design and exhibition design, contemporary furniture design and display design theory and design practice to have important academic value and practical significance. The task of this article is the design of the original furniture and the display design practice based on exploration, refining a new research direction lighting led, initially established a complete theoretical system. Taken to collect and collate information, case studies, research methods. Proceed from the characteristics of light and shadow, integrated lighting quality of the the five visual information and the characteristics of the object surface requirements, and discusses the performance of the color characteristics of the light and match. Then, from a broad perspective the relationship between light and shadow and space in the building design, and summarizes the methods and means of the light used in architectural design. Furniture design in the study of light and shadow through specific examples, in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of light and shadow in the ancient and modern furniture in different periods, from outside to inside the system summary hidden in furniture \dual complementary rhythm and rhythm style rule in the lighting performance theory, space, color, material, decorative craft, light sources and the introduction of design elements and inject new blood for the theoretical study of today's furniture design. Furniture showcase design studies of light and shadow in the first analysis of the performance of specific applications of the roof, facade, floor, furnishings and other elements of light and shadow in the furniture exhibition space, and a combination of a large number of instances; then for each different type of furniture The exhibition space will be the reorganization of these elements, summed up these different space lighting design method; Finally, the use of perspective and analysis of the results of the foregoing, trying to find new ideas for lighting design of a furniture exhibition space.
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