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The Searches of Furniture¡¯s People-oriented Emotion Criterion

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Tutor: DaiXiangDong
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Furniture,Emotion,Aesthetic,Psychological,Humane,Scale,Design
CLC: TS664.01
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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With the material wealth of society and the development of science and technology , people 's value orientation has undergone earth-shaking changes , the pursuit of more than just a sense of satisfaction in the material , but also the spirit of a great sense of satisfaction . The furniture is not only a material product , but also a spiritual product . So it is not only to convey to the people the value of its functionality , but also to convey the emotion of a connotation as emotional carriers appear in person before . Furniture design from the perspective of the emotional design theory . Emotional Design of humanized furniture are widely involved in all aspects of psychology, ethics, culture and aesthetics , related directly and aesthetic , but also permeated with the sense of morality and rational sense of the many factors . Of literature, comparative law , and interdisciplinary , and sampling survey method for the lack of emotional factors in today 's furniture design from exploring human emotion , aesthetic and design of the three relations perspective , with the help of psychology and architectural design in emotional theory , respectively, from the aesthetic , color , shape , material and other aspects of the emotional scale of furniture humanized profiling . Concepts and methods studied furniture design human emotions , emotional connotation furniture , the emotion and emotional expression in the design process , ways and furniture composed of various elements of the emotional and aesthetic design produced content to explore the important role of the emotional factors in product design as well as aesthetic emotion in different geographical integration of the revelation of the furniture design industry in China . Pointed out that , based on the integration of user-friendly furniture , you should take care of the emotional factors of a psychological penetration into furniture design , furniture and produce spiritual communication with the resonance . Exploration and study of this paper can provide a scientific framework for the future design of the domestic human emotions furniture systems and ideas , and can play a better guidance and reference .
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