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The Research of the Thinking Process of Furniture Orginal Design

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Tutor: LiKeZhong
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Furniture,Original design,Thought process,Thinking expression
CLC: TS664.01
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The original design capacity is extremely important to enhance the autonomy of the furniture business , improve market competitiveness . Mastered the law and the process of thinking of the design process, design the main , designer furniture, new product development process can effectively use the thinking tools and ways of thinking need to complete an important task . In this thesis, the research is in this background . Clear today our design thinking research background analysis the furniture original design lies in the design of the main thinking further proposed that the purpose of the study is to solve the problem of the design of the main body in the design process should be thinking of . Furniture design thinking and architectural design thinking comparative analysis obtained the furniture design thinking trajectory architectural thinking trajectory similar, and differ only in the specific content . As a result, according to the furniture design thinking itself is characterized by reference to the trajectory of the building creative thinking , research will be divided into three phases of the design of the preparation period, gestation period , with perfect period . Involved in the specific design of the project , such as test basis , describe the the furniture original three stages of the design process , the main content of the subject. Thinking and expression . Combined with research and analysis of the case of the specific design , furniture design thinking in-depth study , and summarized the characteristics of each stage of thinking , thinking points , way of thinking and expression focus , and proceed from all angles in the thinking stages analysis of China the main thought process of furniture design . Visually demonstrate through analysis and description of the specific design case process design main thinking rationally , the original design process of furniture design Thinking Process . Finally, inductive and deductive methods , summed up the essence of the thought process of the original design process of furniture design main questions , the analysis of the problem and the problem-solving process , sub ready thinking , the idea of ??thinking , and improve the three stages of thinking , and according to the characteristics and laws of the furniture design thinking , thinking designers in various stages in the the furniture original design thinking , and how to organize thinking , rational use of various ways of thinking reference is to solve the original design process of furniture designer .
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