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Study on Simple Design in Chinese Neo-classicism Furniture Design

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Tutor: XieLiSheng
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Furniture,Simple design,Chinese Neo-classicism,Modeling,Adornment,Structure
CLC: TS664.01
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The time of information is a diversified time. The development of Chinese furniture should be thought in thousand ways, and designed in many faceted. Learning from the history, the idea of concise design which open up the age breath, fashion and romance interacts with the fast development of economic, people¡¯s increasing art taste and individuate pursuit. And the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism, which observes the Chinese traditional aesthetic rules, made of new materials by modern technology, showing the traditional cultural marrow, makes themselves have a elegance feature and be welcome by people. However, presently, the furniture design is relatively weak. Most of them are copied and lack of the original design ideas in China. The design of furniture with Chinese style with a neoclassic trend, further more, generally used the traditional or abroad pictures modified a little. And the furniture is produced by semi-handwork. The modeling, adornment and structure are relatively complex and lack of property rights, culture and productivity. The products are eliminated through competition. So the simple design plays an important role in the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism.This paper begins with the application of simple design in the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism. The author of this thesis firstly systematically researches the modeling, adornment and structure of Chinese traditional furniture to find the order, symbolism and the insignia feature which commonly exist in the Chinese traditional culture. Then he improves them and uses them in the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism design. In the last, the author analyzes the design of the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism via the design examples and cases opened up. This thesis mainly resolves the problems which that the simple design does not be applied freely and the products are produced large-scale because of cumbersome modeling, complex adornment and tenon joint. The author expounds the special design idea of the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism, explores a new method to produce furniture, which could protects the environment and the rare wood, makes the furniture have the real Chinese feature and units the pattern and function through combining western simple design and Chinese traditional culture. The authors has explored a practical design and produce method of the furniture with Chinese Neo-classicism on the basis of simple design and the unit of Chinese traditional culture and the special modeling, structure improved and modern mechanical craft, which benefits the national, simple and original furniture design.
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