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The Research on the Classification and Modular Design of Bed in Our Country

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Tutor: DengBeiJie
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Bed,Modular design,Classification of the bed,Functional modules
CLC: TS664
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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People, one-third of the time is spent in bed, the bed is closely related to people's lives. Bed furniture in China's history is long, it is the times, a wide variety of ever-changing shape of the structure, manufacturing variety of materials, combined with the essence of ancient culture and the arts and technology, reflects the development of a community in this area of ??science and technology ideological level of people's lives. With the improvement of living standards of people's lives and habits change and social progress and development, the shape of the bed class furniture, functional, bonding manner, changes in the production of raw materials will vanish. On the basis of previous historical summary of the development of Chinese traditional furniture, recalling the history of the development of China's Bed Furniture, and from a different perspective, a different way of our bed class furniture Classification explore, in turn profoundly explored every types of bed modeling, structural characteristics and requirements for raw materials, which will help to develop the vision of the designers and producers, to raise the level of design and manufacturing, and the rapid development of the Bed furniture. In order to better guide the design and production of furniture Bed furniture design and modular applications in the production process, in order to achieve standardization, serialization to the purpose of diversification, personalized transformation. With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, the focus of competition is increasingly focused on how quickly provide customers a variety of products. Furniture Modular is a new mode of production, mass production mode to meet the individual needs of individual customers, and has the advantage of both cost savings for the enterprise but also to meet the needs of customers, being the attention of the furniture manufacturing enterprise. The modular design of furniture is the key modular furniture. This article modular design Bed furniture furniture sub-field was discussed, as the main research object to modern wooden bed, on the basis of clear modular design concept, discusses standardization, universal and serialization The modular design of the relationship, boil Bed furniture holes to determine standardized, universal Production and bonding dimensions serialization, using functional class bed furniture is divided into bed screen module, bed quite modules, of decking modules and bed pad the four modules, the most complex of the bed screen module and a combination of the two major components of the framework structure and decoration. Design and production simply extracted from the relevant module library module, mix and match can be quickly completed, but also greatly enrich the product. Finally, Examples of the typical representative of the level of screen bed in the bed of a modern types of furniture to be described in detail and design methods and processes of the modular design of the bed. Which is the focus of this paper, and new insights. The discussion papers on the bed class modular furniture design and verification, I hope a guiding role in the design and production of modular furniture for the promotion of bed, to improve productivity, to meet the development needs of the market, in order to better serve humanity social services.
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