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Research on the Northeastern Traditional Furniture

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Tutor: DaiXiangDong
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: northeastern traditional furniture,shape,decoration,wood,Kang furniture
CLC: J525.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The history of Chinese traditional furniture is longstanding and exquisite. There are a lot doing handed down from ancient times with admiration. The northeastern traditional furniture is regarded as one part of Chinese traditional furniture, it not only followed the simple model of Ming, but also passed the overelaborate ornament of Qing. Because of its special geographical position and background of times, it formed a unique northeastern style.The main topics of this study were to analyse and discuss the shape, use of wood and decoration of the northeastern traditional furniture, and main to discuss on the northeastern characteristic furniture--development and molding of Kang furniture. By means of searching related books, seeing about on the spot as well as taking photographs, etc. Through surveying and studying in many ways, we find:first, the categories of the furniture is various and then we classify it in terms of its function:lying furniture, putting furniture, container furniture, chair furniture, and other kinds of decoration furniture. Then we discuss the characteristic of materials from two respects of furniture from palace furniture and folk furniture.Last, we describe the common ornamental characteristic and subjective content in the northeastern traditional furniture, in which, ornamental characteristic included carving, painting, inlay and metal-decoration..subjective content mainly use dragon, lotus etc. which have luky, religion and some natural scenery to show some affection that esteemed power and influence and believed in god and loved our nature.Northeastern traditional furniture,which showed tight contact with the indoor arrangement and architecture.With the influence of climate and culture, it presents a unique mold¡ªsymmetrical and closed overall arrangement, tight rivet structure, abundant ornamental subject as well as its natural lamination and beauty of the color and luster. From whole style to detail node, it shows a kind of serious, hale and hearty and intrepid northern imposing manner everywhere. Research on northeastern traditional furniture is gone to Manchu¡¯s culture¡¯s extensively and profoundly. And this is not only the supplement to study the local culture, but also the extension of the cultural value of the Chinese traditional furniture.
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