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Study on the Technology of Waste Bamboo-plastic Composition

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Tutor: YuYunShui
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Bamboo / plastic composites,Waste plastics,Quadratic orthogonal rotation combina
CLC: TS653
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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In this paper, bamboo and scrap and thermoplastic waste plastic as the main raw material , manufactured by hot pressing bamboo and scrap / thermoplastic waste plastic composites . Thesis Bamboo Particle Surface Modification impact on the physical and mechanical properties of the composites and composite material made ??to take the best process parameters ; waste bamboo plywood template bamboo and scrap / waste plastic composite materials manufacturing process explore . A comparative study of the the bamboo the SCRAP surface modified approach : maleic anhydride and phenolic resin , bamboo and scrap handling was better . However , based on the production cost considerations , this paper with phenolic resin as a modifier for the surface treatment of the bamboo SCRAP , and conducted a process parameter optimization of the modified phenolic resin processing bamboo SCRAP : The results show that the phenolic resin added in an amount of 3.8% , bamboo and scrap and waste plastic mixing ratio of 8:2, and the hot press temperature of 196 ¡ã C , the the preparation sheet density 1.02g/cm3 24h thickness swelling of 5.72% , the bending strength 19.1MPa elastic modulus 2894MPa, tensile strength 9.7MPa ; waste Bamboo Plywood template with waste plastic to take composite material technology , through the experiment showed that the optimum process parameters : temperature 195 ¡ã C , the mixing ratio of 7:3 , the particle size of 14 mesh to 40 mesh. Experimental research in the maximum bending strength of 19.1MPa, the maximum elastic modulus reached 2419MPa , the maximum tensile strength of 9.3 MPa ; studied bamboo strips and sacks enhancement processing of composite materials , the test results show that : by phenolic resin treated the bamboo composites enhance better . System reinforced composite material , thickness swelling 24h 4.03% , density 1.11g/cm3 static bending strength 42.77MPa , elastic modulus 3831MPa, tensile strength 24.9MPa .
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