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The Preparation and Properties of Reed Woodceramic

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Tutor: WuQingDing
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: reed woodceramics,high-pressure hot forming,protection sintering,performance,str
CLC: TQ174.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the sustainable development strategy and the two goals of the proposed society building. It¡¯s of great significance to make high-quality use of reed stalks, cotton stalks, tree branches and other wood biomass resources for agriculture and forestry resources, alleviate the problems of resources, protecting natural environment.In this thesis, the reed stalk powder with different proportions of phenolic resin,mixed, granulation, high-pressure hot forming, ceramic sintering process, ect. the system had reed wood-based ceramic samples; with three-dimensional digital microscopy (3D SSDDM), response surface design software (Design Expert), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other experimental design and analysis methods, analysis the effect of component ratio,sintering temperature on remaining carbon, volume shrinkage, apparent density, open porosity, bending strength;And the structure of woodceramic was characterized by XRD and SEM. The conclusions as followings.(1)Thermal gravimetric analysis results on reed, phenolic resin, and reed/phenolic resin composites, Investigating the heating rate under reed, phenolic resin and mixtures of both. Providing the reference for heating rate of sintering woodceramic. The heating rate of specimens too quickly could easily lead to heat transfer unevenly, and even produce cracks and warping; but if heating rate slowly will let remaining carbon down and increase energy dissipation. Comprehensive considing,the heating rate sintering process as 5¡æ/min.(2)Combining wood hot-pressing forming and the theory and technology of warm pressure forming. using closed rigid to specimens on high-pressure hot forming; With the response surface test design and analysis method, acquired optimal hot forming process conditions:hot pressing pressure 160¡æ, hot pressing pressure 65Mpa, pressure holding time 30min. Comprehensive considing,the heating rate sintering process as 5¡æ/min. (3)with the help of 3D SSDDM, TGA, XRD, SEM and other modern methods and means, analysis the reed woodceramics¡¯performance and organizational morphology, considering that:¢Ùwith the increase of Phenolic resin content, remaining carbon increase, volume shrinkage ratios decreases, apparent density increase,bending strength increases. As the sintering temperature increased, remaining carbon decreased, volume shrinkage increases, the apparent density first decreases, then increases. The results show that the reed is superior to other wood-based materials.¢ÚBy XRD, found reed woodceramic is a kind of amorphous carbon materials.The influence of component ratio to XRD patterns is small. When have the different sintering temperature Appeared two similar graphite peak in XRD pattern, Respectively is peak(002)and peak(100). The graphite surfaces formed a disorderly layer structure reed woodceramics (002) interplanar Spacing. Decreased with the component ratio increase,increased with the sintering temperature increase.¢Ûby SEM analysis shows that the reed woodceramic is a kind of typical porous structure of carbon materials, after sintered reed woodceramic microstructure pits and other structures are still similar to the wood the reed woodceramic without plastic organization is relatively loose, the reed woodceramic Join phenolic resin structure dense, increasing sintering temperature,the reed woodceramic¡¯microstructure slowly change. Graphite microcrystalline grow up and structural orderliness improved.¢ÜBy join copper powder to research the reed woodceramics compound modification.The static music intensity of reed composite woodceramic is reed woodceramic¡¯s 1.86 times.Show that reed composite woodceramic have good compound modification potential. For expanding its application scope has important significance.
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