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The Comparative Study on Traditional and Classical Furniture Style of China and Italy

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Tutor: HuJingChu PengLiang
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: China,Italy,Ming furniture,Renaissance Furniture,Furniture Style,Compare
CLC: TS664.01
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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In this paper, historical and comparative approach , discusses the Chinese traditional furniture of Ming furniture and Italian Renaissance furniture styles and types of internal and external factors that formed the similarities and differences . For the same period, in different regions , the furniture that the political , economic and cultural analyzes and compares the Italians actively involved in politics, the Ming dynasty came to power in addition to the personnel concerned about national policies, people do not ask the rest of the affairs of state ; furniture in both countries during this period have good economic conditions, although the form of expression is different ; in ideology and culture , the Italian absorption of Eastern and Western culture, and the Ming Dynasty culture in this period is still in a closed state ; Italian emphasis on technology and art combined , the combination of theory and practice . More emphasis on education Ming Neo enlightenment . With Ming-style furniture and Italian Renaissance furniture appropriate examples, two different styles of furniture design, furniture style, materials, decorative these four internal factors are outlined and compared. Ming-style furniture with \influences the development of furniture . But the Ming period, the person's lifestyle is one kind of decadent hedonism mainly Renaissance Italy is a \said China 's furniture forms tend to constitute the West are more inclined linear body composition ; Ming-style furniture and Italian Renaissance furniture in the decorative carving techniques are based mainly on though , but the visual sensory point of view, Ming-style furniture, sculpture was flat, the Italian Renaissance furniture was three-dimensional. Through the Chinese Ming-style furniture and Italian Renaissance furniture , we find that the furniture was developed to meet the people 's physical, social and aesthetic lifestyle content requirements , and continue to adapt to new forms of development of the times .
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