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The Influence on the Main Physical & Mechanical Properties of Rattans by Different Modifications

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Tutor: WangYouHong LiuXingE
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Daemonorops Margaritae,Calamus Simplicifolius,Anatomical characteristic,Modifica
CLC: S781
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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As a kind of biomaterial, the use of rattan has very important function in repalcing wood and protecting forest resources. The same as wood, some nature blemish of rattan has to be studied and improved. Refers to research on property and modification on wood, has done some investigate on these of rattan.(1) The results of study on anatomical characteristic of Daemonorops Margaritae and Calamus simplicifolius show: the variations of tissue proportion include fiber, vascular, metaxylem vessel, sieve tube, proto-vessels, and the size of vascular & metaxylem vessel, the density of vascular & metaxylem vessel are small; the fiber diameter and fiber wall thickness decrease slowly along the height of the two kinds of rattan. The fiber wall thicknesses at the bottom is about 2 times thicker than that at the top; the fiber proportion, fiber wall thickness and the size of fiber, vascular & metaxylem vessel of Calamus simplicifolius are greater than that of Daemonorops Margaritae.(2) After being modified, all the physical & mechanics properties such as MOE, MOR, compression modulus & strength, density, shrinkage, swelling of sorption, degree of homogeneity etc are better than untreated rattans when the adsorption is worse. It is found that by prior-order numbers: the best way to modify Daemonorops Margaritae is: irradiate, dose 15KGy, grafting yield 50%, use MF; when it comes to Calamus simplicifolius, it is irradiate, dose 15KGy, grafting yield 50%, use UF.(3) The main mechanics properties of the 2 canes decrease on axial, the same as the variation of fiber proportion, fiber double wall thickness and fiber wall thickness-lumen radio; the shrinkage,swelling and dimensional stability increase likeness the variation of parenchyma proportion and fiber lumen-diameter radio on axial. The modification could not only improve the disadvantage of hydroscopicity and water-absorbing capacity,but also make them change less on lengthwise.(4) The solid in MF and UF has big molecular size, this causes they can just deposit at the surface of vessel &fiber. Then MMA is small, that makes itself could get into the cell wall of rattan (amorphous region mainly ), that forms wood plastic composites (WPC) after been irradiated; but there are some gaps between polymer and cells of rattan when use MMA only, the interaction of rattan & polymer is weak, the compound effect could not be good enough.
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